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Michiel Van Kets

Public Profiles - Google Authorship - Associations & Company Pages

Public Profile Accounts & Associations

Google has to fight spam; that's why we're now all familiar with terms as panda en Penguin updates. But they also look for ways to identify genuine content. 99% of SEO blogs are all talking about what Google has been up to to fight spam, totally missing what they have been doing to do the opposite and identify genuine content. Google looks at your public profiles and based on the associations with other profiles, and of course the value of those, they will also validate the content written by the author.

The single most important association is between your site and your own Google Plus profile! Obviously!

Your public profile functions as the stamp of 'authenticity' for your off-site content. It will validate the pages that have your links as 'genuine' pages, thus bypassing the Penguin filters!

By giving the public profile genuine, natural value, they act as reference points for Google and validate the content created by the author. It is the value of the author profile pages that determine whether or not your content is seo-friendly. You might already know that it also depends on the content itself and the site the content is published on, of course, but if you don't have these types of public profiles with the right association yet it probably is the missing piece in your seo puzzle.

More and more blogs are now asking you to register and in return they offer links from the profile you create with them to your site, and even to your other profiles, thus interlinking them and creating associations! That's why the very first thing we need to do is to set up the public profiles. Although this is not really that big of a seo package, as itís about 25 profile pages, itís important because itís all about building up the foundations of your link profile. The profiles are the crucial element to proving to Google that your content is genuine, as well on-site as off-site, so they will then index it as such.

Most of the sites we use for the public profiles also belong in the social list and the guest blog posts lists. In order for us to be able to finish the set-up completely (as we do more than just the registration) we fill in all the options available and the information provided in the public profiles package means we have all the data necessary to set up any other profiles.

Once we are done with the set-up of your public profiles, we can start using other tactics. This involves setting up other accounts with profiles - blog accounts, article authors and social media profiles. With the completion of the public profile package we have 2 important advantages;
    1. We already have plenty of information required for just about any other profile we need to set-up for the link building
    2. We are able to link all of them together
Most sites connect the different accounts together, so they form clusters. For you this means you get links from one profile to another, known as associations and validating your authenticity as an author, but even better is that they will update each other, as we have been inter connecting them. So when we submit to a social bookmarking site it will also show in Facebook and/or Twitter.

For example, we can connect your blogger-blogspot sub-domain account to Twitter, while itís by default connected to your Google Plus account, so when we publish a post it will also be shared on Google Plus and Tweeted on your Twitter account. Thatís just 1 example of the many connections we build up by starting with the public profiles package.

Public Profiles List:

Author Profiles:

Blog Commenting Profiles:

Blog Post Profiles:

Social Bookmarking Profiles:

Public Profile Set Up

The most important thing is already completed as we have an excel file ready with all the necessary fields filled in prepared for the profiles. This allows us to do the job quickly, accurately, and efficiently, although it will still take up to a full week for us to complete the process.

There are plenty of tricky aspects to keep us busy during the set-up, for example we need a new email address from your site,, to work with and we also need it to be forwarded to the Gmail account. One of the main advantages of these types of accounts is that we can connect them with each other, but we can only connect your new Facebook profile page into the Twitter profile after we have set both of them up. So inevitably we need to go over your list a few times in order to be able to really complete this package.

When it comes down to choosing a name for the profile we have 2 options;
  • We can use a real name, yours for example.
  • Or we can create a ghost writer for you, a totally fake, yet 100% genuine looking online personality.
Is 'fake' cheating? How I see it is very simple - there's a real and serious risk out there to have your personal details abused, so in order to protect your own personal identity itís acceptable to use a fake personality for business. As long as it's connected to your site you're not hiding or cheating, you're just playing safe. I know it's not totally honest but people get anxious about giving their personal details out which is understandable, which is why we offer the possibility to use a bogus personality.

It's actually quite normal to create a totally fake person to represent your company online. Compare it with a musician or an actor using a fake name because it fits in better with the brand they are creating, or fictional figures like Coca Cola's Santa Claus. As long as we acknowledge that the person we create is connected to the company there's nothing to worry about. This is normal practice in advertisement and marketing. We're creating an online, virtual representative of your company, although they donít really exist we are not misleading anyone and there is nothing illegal about it.

Premium Package:

The Premium package includes all the elements of the public profile package with a little extra. The extra is the amount of text we write, 25 different biographies, as many as the amount of profiles we'll set up. So the profiles from this package will all be 100% unique.

Now bear in mind that there's a huge difference between using the same profile text 2-3 times and publishing the same content hundreds of times. What we are saying is that there's a threshold, it's perfectly safe to use the same text 2-3 times as that's way below the threshold. If you don't believe me check the telex's of Reuters or the AP and search for it in Google, sure enough CNN and BBC will show up with the exact same copy; not all copies are by definition bad copies!

So as we are setting up extra blog profiles when we are doing the blog commenting, we already have all the extra text needed to make sure each blog profile gets its own unique text without extra expenses or delays.

While we have our ways to get the work done efficiently, everything we do is done for you and for you only, specifically for your market, specifically for your keywords. We offer a bespoke seo service, which is why you should ask for a seo-quote first, so we can put together a bespoke seo plan to start a long term link building campaign.

Public Profiles - Order Form

  • Standard package: $175 USD
  • Premium package: $295 USD (25 biographies)
  • FAKE personality: $50 USD extra

As you can see it's quite a long list, so if you prefer you can download the excel file, fill it in at ease and send us the copy : michiel (at)

We will send you a paypal invoice for the payment then. If needed we'll make edits, guide you to find missing details and so on, when we have all the details right we write the biographies and show you those to ask for your final confirmation, and then we'll create all those profiles for you, which takes several days.

We're asking for your own, personal, direct contact details so we can contact you and send reports.

Full Name:
E-mail address for us to contact you:

1 - names

These details will be used publicly in the profiles!

your surname
middle name
last name

2 - emails

For us to be able to use your profiles we need access to the email, but you can wait with this until we've set up the new Gmail for this package, and then you can just install a forwarder to the Gmail for it.

email website
secret question
secret answer

3 - keywords/URLs

Some allow more than 5 links on your profile, but the more links on the same page, the less value each of them get, and the same applies for the amount of different keywords we work with. So by limiting it to 5 keywords and their URLs we don't spread them too thin, while still creating enough variation to avoid the Penguin traps.

Of course we'll be updating your regularly and so you can add/change keywords along the way.

homepage url
homepage title
landing page url 1
anchor text - keyword 1
url 2
anchor text - keyword 2
url 3
anchor text - keyword 3
url 4
anchor text - keyword 4
url 5
anchor text - keyword 5

4 - company details

Especially important for local search, please double check these for typo's.

post code
tel nr

5 - personal details

The only reason why we ask for these details is because at least 1 of the sites asks for it; these are the fields we'll be filling in for you to complete your profiles. There are in fact many more variations of this information they ask for, but this is the minimum we need to then fill in the much longer sheet we'll be using.

If you're taking the fake personality option, you can skip this; you're done, go down the page, don't forget the spam filter and submit to go to the payment page. But keep in mind; in order for all of this to work you need to link from your site to the Google Plus account we will create, fake or not; the Google Plus account has to be associated (=linked) with your site.

Here it's a matter of give and take; of course you don't want to give away too much about yourself, but at the same time; this is where the 'filling' comes from, otherwise they're so empty and these are the details we use to write the biographies. Just fill it in as good as possible, because if you don't we'll have to make it up for you, we can't leave them empty, that's what spammers do.

It's somewhat silly, but these details will determine whether or not google is willing to accept everything to follow after this to be genuine ... or not.

job title
birth date
memorable quote 1
memorable quote 2
bragging rights
high school
scientific interests
relationship status
favorite food
favorite music
favorite TV
favorite books
political views

6 - biographies

These are again literally the fields the sites ask us for, here we show you 5 variations, while there are in fact more than 10 of them. Point being; please write 5 different full sentences about yourself, start with your childhood, then education, then early jobs, then current position, then your hobbies.

We're asking for the minimum to work with, as we'll be writing 5 personal and 5 company biographies for the basic package, while we write 10 personal, 10 company profiles and 5 about-us pages for the premium package.

include a message
short blurb
Profile Text
job description

7 - picture

We do need a profile picture (250x250 pixels), but as we have a lot of preparations to do, when that's done we send you our work-file, so you can double check it and attach the picture then in the reply.

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