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Michiel Van Kets

Associations - Public Profiles - Company Pages

Public Profiles - Google Plus and more ... 25 times more!

Google doesn't only have to fight spam, they also look for ways to identify genuine content. They look at the profiles and combined with the associations Google will validate the content written by the author. This while more and more sites not only require registration but at the same time they offer links to your profiles. That's why the very first thing we need to do is to set up the public profiles, we're talking about sites like; Google, Facebook, Twitter, Live, Yahoo, Wordpress and 20 more.

BASIC Set Up - $175 USD

For the Basic package we write 5 personal and 5 company biographies.

PREMIUM Set Up - $295 USD

Obviously it's the same list as above, but what we do extra is the amount of text we write. The preparations are done for 25 accounts, so for the premium package we write 25 different biographies.

FAKE Online Personality - $50 USD extra

Basically it means that you don't have to fill in the long order form, except keywords/URLs and company address, as we'll be making it up for you, including profile picture, which costs $50 - 1 time fee.

There's no escaping linking the google plus account to your web site, otherwise this package just doesn't work. So it's not like we're hiding, we just offer this option because the risk of having personal details out there is real. In case you don't feel comfortable having your own personal picture and details out there, be it that it's very limited; we don't use your social security or bank number or so, but still. Even if it was just to fight spam. You could compare it with a company hiring an actor for a commercial, so ok, that's a real person, but besides the commercial itself the actor doesn't run the company. We can take it a bit further, lets compare it with the Santa Claus figure of Coca Cola, we all know him; he's a cartoon!

Let me repeat; since you need to link from your site to the Google Plus account of the online personality; we're not hiding anything. While obviously using a real person is still the preferred way to work; it's about making your off-content look genuine ...

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Social Media Services

Social Media Services; social accounts, associations, social signals and of course social profiles.

11. Social Accounts - Set-Up

Before we can get started with this package you do need to take the public profiles set up package first, for 2 reasons; first of all because we need some of those public profiles to sign up with the social accounts, but even more so; secondly; they allow to connect the accounts, so that whenever we submit a social signal to your social accounts, Facebook and Twitter will also publish it.

You could say that the list of the social sites are those that didn't make it into the public profiles list, which also means that this package in combination with the public profiles package really covers the full spectrum. While the main difference is that the public profiles will follow whatever we do with the social accounts. and that's the good news here; when we submit to the social accounts, your public profiles also get updated, so we don't6 have to use the public profiles directly, yet they are being active thanks to the connections we make during the set up.

It's because of the connection we need to make that we also need to go over that list several times, as they also inter connect to each other. When we finish setting up the accounts the first run, we then go over the list again to fill in the newly set up accounts into the other ones and the public profiles.

12. Social Signals: Bookmarks, Shares and Likes

This is the package you're content is actually getting links from. Most of the other packages are designed to give this package more impact. Which is why it's a relatively small package. The idea is that you order this per week, so each and every day we will give your content social signals, as well your on-site content, as your off-site content.

Of course we mix the page we use so that we make associations between your high value pages and your lower value pages. Eventually it's the seo value that cumulates on your profile pages that will determine the value your site will get from it. Which is why we don't submit each URL/page to all of the social sites, we do them in smaller batches, sorted random so the profiles remain very natural, while it also means we can use a lot more different pages without spamming your own social accounts.

13. Posting in Social Media Sites

What we do is very similar to our blog commenting packages; we compile a list of pages in the social media sites that are related to your keywords, but then we don't sort them according the typical seo values, but we aim at getting natural traffic; we're making associations; we want people that are active in the same niche as you to react to these comments, to notice for example that we also send them a friend request and so have more reactions from what else we're doing with/for your social accounts.

because this package is mostly about gaining value from within the social sites themselves, while the biggest social sites are in the public profile list; we also include those. we do more than just jumping around making some posts; we're aiming at making your profiles more valuable so the social signals we're doing have more impact.

14. Social Networking; Joining Groups, Making Friends, Getting Followers

Although this is a very small package; it's in some sense the most important one; again we're talking about associations, in this case the very most important ones; the associations between your social accounts and your public profiles and real people within your niche market that have already gained authority themselves.

So what really matters here is what else we have done already for your profiles to make sure when we join groups or submit friend requests we get accepted. Obviously that means we have to wait with this a bit and do some of the other packages first to make sure the profiles look indeed very natural and valuable enough for the other people to be willing to associate themselves with you. at the same time it also means we can't wait too long with this package either, as you do need these associations, but when we look at the price; it shouldn't be a problem to do this package every month for 3 to 6 months and so build up the associations slowly but surely over time. each time gaining seo value that will be passed on by the profiles and the social signals to your content and so your links, to result in higher rankings for the keywords used in your anchor text links.

15. Social Commenting in Related Posts

Again this package is about making your profiles look natural, so that they gain real seo value and have more to pass on to the social signals. Friends and other type of associations, especially followers are important, yet hard to find. This package should follow right after the social networking package above, as a big part of it is to make sure that those people we're trying to associate with are convinced that you're genuine, which will be so as long we also do what real people do and that's is to make comments on other pages, of course related to your keywords.

So the idea is that after we made some friend request and/or joined some groups, we will get some extra attention from them by making posts on their pages.s

16. TOTAL Social Accounts PACKAGE

Where it comes down to is simple: if you already have a lot o0f quality content out there, yet not seeing the rankings you'd expect from it, then connecting (=linking) all your content using social accounts is the missing piece in your puzzle. Which is why we offer this total package, it means; we will do the first month everything that can be done with social profiles. By the time we're done your profiles will look as if you've been using them for years; as in; as well full and complete as very genuine, natural.

point being; so that once we start using your social profiles; meaning doing social signals, mainly social bookmarking; we're doing several layers at the same time with full, complete, genuine accounts. in other words; although it takes us at least 2-3 weeks to complete this package; it's the fastest way to get going, as you only have to take this package 1 time to then be able to order lots of the social signal package, which are relatively cheap, yet gain the seo results from it as you would expect.

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