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Michiel Van Kets

Luminous SEO Company :: Link Building Services | Monthly SEO Packages | Affordable Quality

Our seo company consists of European SEO-experts (Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden), native English (UK) copywriters and local (Thai) employees.

High Western Quality at Low Eastern Prices

We are specialized in link building; Our seo company is offering standard link building packages since 2006. So far our team has served over 500 clients and many more websites in total. We process about 100 to 150 orders per month.

Most of our clients are expert SEO-companies (see testimonials). They keep ordering from us each and every month, or even every week as they know that we are trustworthy and that the link building services we provide work. Thatís how simple it is; we will get your site up in the rankings!

Seo companies usually do the custom seo-work for the sites themselves; on-page optimization, keyword research and all other seo-tasks that require specific knowledge of the site, the topic, the products/services and the niche market the site is targeting.

But when it comes down to link building they trust us. Why? Well, because once the on-page optimization is done and all the sets of information are available; keywords and according URLís, the link building is not really that complicated, but it is very, very time-consuming.

Each order first gets verified and prepared by 1 of our western seo-experts to make sure all the data is indeed correct. Then the actual process of submitting this information into the appropriate sites is done by our local Thai staff; they are well trained, they get a paid a whole lot more than whatís average in Thailand, but their income is still a lot lower than even a minimum wage would be in any of the western countries. Donít be mistaken; all our staff has *Social security and health care! We donít run a sweat shop; itís in fact very comfortable here with the air-co and the music on.

Of course we do have the knowledge, the tools and the experience to do the keywords research for you. Since google is giving search volume estimates in adwords, it has become rather easy to do so. This combined with a rank checking tool, we can easily determine which keywords and URLís need work and which package would fit your sites specific needs best. Therefore you can request a seo-quote or contact us directly.

Feel free to contact us with your specific questions or requests. Fill in your information and we will advice you the most suitable solution within 24 hours.

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