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Michiel Van Kets

Keyword Report :: Search Volume + Ranking in Google :: Total Rank Value

The KEYwords and KEYphrases used in any of your link building are the KEYs to your success !!

To make sure you get the best out of the link building orders you place with us, we research which sets of keywords and keyphrases to use for which URLs. This will assure you that we work on those keyphrases that have not only significant search volume, but you could actually rank for within a reasonable time frame at affordable prices.

We'll find for you as well your top-keywords, as valuable long-tail keyphrases, so your link-building has as well a short term gaol, as a long term goal.

Additionally, we'll be able to prepare any future orders more accurate, faster and easier, while you get a nice overview of your current rankings and so you're able to measure along the way the improvements your rankings achieve from our link building services.

We have 2 packages;
  • 1) for sites that are already ranking
  • 2) new to seo sites
The difference is significant;
For long standing sites its rather easy for us to collect all the standard information, so it's just a matter of sorting it out, it goes rather fast. -> price: just $25 (because I basically put the details together we need to do a lot of packages for you.)
For new sites we have to start from scratch, and sure enough we still start using the same sources as for existing site to find the basic data, but we're not going to find much, we're going to have a lot of digging to do to collect all the data. $250 - which is still a bargain as its the core of your seo and its me doing it.

Keyword Report :: Search Volume + Ranking in Google :: Total Rank Value :: $25 - $250 - ORDER NOW!

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What it does for you;
  • It's more than just a list of keywords - it also shows the search volume and your rankings for each of the keywords-keyphrases and sorted according url.
  • It will make sure you get the best results out of all the following link building.
  • It will show you where your site is ranking now.
  • It will show you how much you have improved after each order.
  • It will make it possible for us to pick the anchor texts for orders for you, no more online orders to fill in, no more emails going back and forward a couple of times for the details of new orders, as we already have all the details needed; that's what the report shows us; the anchor texts and the according URLs we need to work on.
  • Once we have this it takes 10 minutes to run a rank report for the top-100 keyphrases and that’s enough to have a really cool report every month –> 1 free report for each link building order !
How it works:
We simply use adwords to start with and collect as much keyword combinations as google is giving us. Those lists we sort by search volume and we run a first ranking report, based on that we start researching sub-pages and try to come up with new keywords and especially keyphrases as broad as possible.

Of course we also use our brain and do little tricks; we make random combinations of keywords into 3-4-5 keyword-phrases and see which ones are actually being used in searches.

We also run a ranking check in Yahoo, so we can find the right URLs for keyphrases you're not ranking yet for in google.

Same time we check your competitors to see if there are some smart additional words your site doesn't have yet. Sure, also typo's go into the list, just as your model names, special features etc, anything we can come up with - we search as broad as possible first. The whole process goes from adwords to rankchecker, to your site, from the competition to the excel sheet and back a whole bunch of times – 10 to 15 times Then we start deleting obvious errors – for example: when I search for ‘link building’ for my own rankings, I also get keyphrases like ‘bridge building’ or ‘construction companies’ – those obvious mistake we filter out for you.

We also manually edit the data, we check if the URLs we get from the program are indeed the most suitable for that particular keyword-keyphrase. Then we send it back to you to ask which keywords can be deleted and which sets of keyword you prefer we focus on for the remaining research. Things like – which is a model name of the brand he sells or is it in fact from the competition – these things we just don’t know – so yes – it does take 1 step in between from you – there's no other way to get it really right !

Then we research as focused as possible for 5 sets = 5 pages –> you need to limit the keyphrases you want to rank for and then work on it for a few months before you expand with more keywords. (better 1 bird in the hand than 10 on the fence!)

Keyword Report :: Search Volume + Ranking in Google :: Total Rank Value :: $25 - ORDER NOW!

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