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Michiel Van Kets

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Why Should You Pay for a Directory Submission Service?

Every internet or online business owner is aware that to obtain improved rankings for their website they need to increase rankings in major search engines and to do that they require links.

There are many link building firms or services available and they come in a variety of forms. Forum posting services, blog posting services, directory submission services are some of the services that many online business owners are using as link building services providers.

The question is, should you make your own link building strategies or should you pay the experts to do the job for you?

Obviously, you can do so for little or at no cost yourself, but there is often a very large time factor involved. So how valuable is that time to you? Letís explore further.

The most important thing to ask yourself is do you have all the information required to make sure you do the directory submissions properly and not waste your time? The services of most top directory submission firms are priced very competitively and are well received as low cost options for good reasons.

The fact is directory submissions DO take up a lot of time and effort. Directory submission firms are familiar with what is required and the correct format for completing the process. They know all the tricks and tools to work quickly and effectively. A professional directory submission service can submit a website to over 60-100 web directory sites in 1-2 hours. Sometimes this number is even higher.

One of the worst things that can happen is to attract rejections for your submissions because of mistakes such as ignoring, or not knowing the written rules and regulations of the directories themselves. This can turn up to be a major waste of time and energy for those who are unfamiliar with directory submissions.

A manual directory submission firm knows how to do directory submission ; to format descriptions, website titles, the number of words required, the correct categories and other intricacies for attaining high acceptance rates. The purpose of such a firm is to have your submissions accepted so you can achieve higher search engine optimization. If you are doing the directory submissions yourself you will often find that a majority of your submissions are rejected because you are unfamiliar with the requirements needed to complete the submissions to the satisfaction of the web directory sites.

If you still decide to go ahead and complete the directory submissions yourself there are many pitfalls or problems that you will need to overcome. Here are some examples:

Are you able to use multiple proxy services that can mask your true identity when you are making directory submissions? Many web directory sites are run by the same companies and in the submissions process your IP address can be tracked, if you are noticed by the company as having placed a lot of submissions your IP address can be flagged and you will find that you are then locked out from submitting to the directories that are run by this company.

Is that particular directory SEO friendly and will it actually improve your website rankings within the search engines? A professional usually can spot a useless directory immediately. They often have a list of appropriate search engine friendly directories that they are using for other clients which are redefined to specific needs in order to ensure that each submission they make to a directory will give SEO benefits almost immediately.

To bypass the costs of using a professional may be a worthwhile option for you, but the general concession is that after you have started you find that the success rate for your own submissions is so low that it is not worth the time and effort you have put in.

However, having said and done the above, you can now see the requirements and processes involved and understand the benefits that can be gained from using a directory submission service. That is, of course, if you are serious about improving your website SEO.

To summarize, directory submissions can be realized by:

  • Making your own directory submissions
  • Using a professional firm to complete the directory submissions for you
  • Only you can decide what the best approach for you and your company in terms of time and costs for your overall SEO strategy!

  • Directory Submission Tutorial

  • Directory Submission FAQ

  • There are a lot of different link building strategies, and directory submissions have their effect, certainly, but it's not the only option.

    When it comes down to link building you shouldn't ask yourself which links are the top ones; they all have their benefits and disadvantages, one thing they do have in common is that you need them. So, don't just wait for the links to emerge, also utilize other tactics to get links.

    These link building services are also offered;
    I can provide you a list of on-page issues that needs to be resolved by your webmaster or by our web development and on-page seo team. Certainly, I will create a 3 to 6 months plan for your link building, based on a full keyword ranking report. The way we are organized is to provide you with the best customer service we possibly can, which means that once we have the basic information of your site, we will do everything for you; you just have to sit back and see your keywords go up in Google.

    Of course you are always free to ask for a seo quote.


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