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Why are Directory Submissions so Important?

The ability for your website to be found by internet users is fundamental to the success of a business today. Hence, the main goal of every organization and business is to ensure that its online shop front, the website, must be extremely well designed and constructed, and most importantly, can be seen and found effortlessly on the World Wide Web. Considering the numbers of people around the world that are using the internet today, what can you do to give your website an edge and a wide margin of visibility over hundreds if not thousands of other competitors out there? The answer lies in Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization, or ‘SEO’ in short, is to tune, tweak and optimize a website so as to achieve the highest page ranking possible for a certain key words and key phrases that are queried by users on major search engines.

SEO is a very broad ranging spectrum of processes which most certainly it involves using a lot of sweat, time, commitment and even love with hopes of propelling a website to a higher ranking status on a search engine. We all know that the higher you appear on search engine from a query, the chances of visitors going to your website increases, and these visitors directory equates to the numbers of potential customers and sales.

Hence, your aim is to get your website ranking high in the search engines. How successful you are in achieving this all depends on its online visibility. When we talk about visibility we are not only talking about awareness of the site, we also mean how visible it is to the search engines. This visibility does not just happen; it all comes down to frequently updating and refreshing the contents of your website by continually building links.

The most important aspect when building links is to consider how valuable those links will be. The more quality, one-way links your website has, the higher up in the ranking system the search engine will place it. It may all sound straight-forward, but it is not so simple to get relevant one-way links from quality web directories.

According to Wikipedia, a web directory is a ‘…link directory on the World Wide Web which specializes in linking to other websites and also categorizing those links’, much like categorizing books in a typical public library.

There are many web directories today but many of them are of poor quality and extremely low standards. To achieve high quality links you need to do seo directory submission only to those directory sites of quality, in other words; only a link from a seo-friendly directory will actually help your rankings. Once you have found a good quality directory, you submit your site under a suitable category in it. Certain details will be required such as the URL, keywords and title with a short description.

A submission is not automatically approved. Any directory of quality will manually assess each and every website submissions they receive. The editor of the directory will check through the details you registered with and evaluate whether the website contains original and relevant information and content. If the submission is approved, then you will receive a link from the directory. This is a valuable link to receive as these directory sites make an effort to maintain high standards for themselves by taking the time to manually check details.

Once you have your link from the directory, your website will be placed in a suitable category. This makes it all very simple for the search engines to locate your site and decide how relevant it is. The titles you entered when registering for the directory, become the ‘anchor text’ that link the directory sites to your website and the description you gave will appear under this title.

Now that you realize the titles you submit when you are registering for the directory sites become the links to your site, consider submitting titles with the purpose of targeting specific key terms or phrases for which you want to rank. How the search engines rate your website is dependent on the anchor text of the links, so you will get a higher ranking if you target specific terms in your anchor text.

Only SEO-friendly directory sites will give you permanent and valuable one-way links. The more one-way links you have from quality web directory sites, the easier these web spiders can find them. Manual directory submissions are therefore an important aspect of marketing your business as it is a efficient and cost effective way to build up links which are pertinent to your web presence.

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  • Directory submissions will help you to get enhanced rankings in the search engines results pages, but that is just one of the numerous ways to get incoming links.

    When it comes to link building you shouldn't ask yourself which links are the top ones; they all have their advantages as well as issues, one thing they do have in common is that you need them. No matter which tactic you use for link building, they all have their advantages, but also short comings, which is why it is very important to mix them up; use different strategies at the same time.

    We also offer these link building services;
    Just by giving me the URL of the site is enough to do some basic checking as well as capture a snapshot of your current keyword rankings with a already purchased online service. A keyword snapshot is enough to get started with, but it is not the same as a full keyword report. Still, based on that information I can start making suggestions; as well which link building campaign would be the best for your site, as reporting on-page SEO issues. Pretty much the same way Google would analyse and classify your web site.

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