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Michiel Van Kets

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What is the Value of Deep Linking Directory Submissions?

Most seo directory submissions services out there are apathetic about finding web directories that accept deep links, when in fact nearly half of the directories out there do accept them. A bit of research is all you need, and that is exactly what we have done.

We maintain a list of over 500 web directory sites that allow deep-link directory submission and these directories have a minimum PR1 on their homepage. If you have never looked into it, you will surely be surprised to learn how much effect it has to get links to as many pages of your site as possible, even deep links.

A deep link is a link that goes directly to an internal page of your website and not to your home page. We waste not, want not, when it comes to SEO, and thus we value very highly all pages in a website, even the sub pages. The more sub pages that are deep linked and visited the higher the page will rank in major search engine rankings.

Deep linking a website has many advantages to a serious website or business owner because of the fact that search engines crawl bots or spiders will locate these links and note them as more important than links to your home page because of the set of keywords or key phrases attached to these pages. The search engines will also give higher ranking to the internal pages of your website which in turn, improves the overall ranking of your website because of these deep links.

Now, to get these deep links is in fact not that hard. Although the average approval ratio for deep link directory submission is much lower as for the homepage, this has usually to do with the URL being too long or there are too little content on the page itself.

Your deep link pages are usually keyword-targeted, and suppose you pick 20 pages of your site that have something interesting to offer, but trying to get a link from a page with no PR would be a waste. As it takes a couple of months for the directories to review all the submissions, it also takes time of course to see the effect of it, but overtime you will see the numbers of visitors increasing.

These visitors will be the ones who know what they are looking for and they are also very likely to be potential buyers, especially when we compare this group of visitors to those who search using only the top keywords, who incidentally, are usually only looking for generic information and yet cost you bandwidth.

If you calculate it yourself with this PageRank Calculator, you can see that what it comes down to is that each page that has at least 1 single link that will gain a lot more PR. It will not come from just that link, but also from the other pages of your site. Each time Google finds a new link it will recalculate the PR of each page for all pages connected to the page with the new link. By having links to multiple pages, Google will recalculate the PR for all pages again and again, which results in much higher PR for your entire site.

Remember, it is still very important that you organize your keywords in sets, and assign them to 1 page per set and stick to it! Too many people think they can get 1 page to rank for the whole list of keywords they could come up with, but that is not how it works. Keep your keywords per page limited and work on building it.

If you do not have enough content pages to use for deep link directory, you should start with landing pages. Write at least 5 pages, each with their own, unique and limited set of keywords and put them online, so you have at least 5 URLs for 5 decent pages to use for your deep-linking. This way you can then pass on the PR you gain for it to other pages by using embedded links on those landing pages.

For search engine optimization you should definitely consider deep link directory submission. Deep linking is a crucial factor to help you improve your rankings. If you are serious about your SEO strategies and are building links you need to ensure that some of those links you are creating are deep links.

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