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Michiel Van Kets

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Are there other types of directory sites apart from website listings?

According to Wikipedia, a web directory is a ‘… link directory on the World Wide Web which specializes in linking to other websites and also categorizing those links’, much like the yellow pages does to the telephone numbers of the companies that it holds.

There are thousands and thousands of web directory sites online today and not all of them are SEO-friendly directory sites. Here are some of the most common types of directories which you can use for manual directory submission to get your website listed.

The oldest and most established web directory sites include the Yahoo directory, Best of the Web Directory and DMOZ. Now everyone knows Yahoo, a pioneer directory on the web and probably one of the most dominant one to-date. To submit your site to the directory of Yahoo, there are free and paid listing submission options. If your website is non-commercial you will be automatically eligible for free listing within its directory, but there is no certainty that your website will be approved. A paid listing with Yahoo cost $299 yearly and is reviewed within a week.

Best of the Web Directory has been around just as long and has lasted due to its high standards and quality listings. Its editorial guidelines for reviews are extremely strict and this is why it has a reputation as one of the best web directories. If you receive a link from this SEO-friendly directory, it will benefit your site greatly and you will see an increase in search engine rankings. There are two listing options on Best of the Web: an annual review costs US$99.95 and a one-off review is US$249.95.

One of the most popular free directories on the web today is DMOZ. It is highly regarded for its high standards and high quality listings. DMOZ is also widely known as the Open Directory Project. If your website gets approved by them it means your website will also be viewed on its associate sites including Yahoo Search, Google, Netscape Search and AOL Search.

All other general directory sites will accept any types of websites and businesses, and provides a long list of categories for you to place your business in. You will find anything from health issues, business, finance, to shopping, I.T., travel and food. Categories are usually listed in alphabetical order.

These kinds of directory sites reach a larger amount of users simply because they are general and list practically everything there is to list. Even if you are after a specific market it would still be worth listing your website in a general directory as it is all exposure and as long as it is a quality directory it can only add value with no harm done.

Niche directory sites list those websites that are related to the subject of that directory. An example is a travel directory that lists only websites offering travel related products and services. If you can find a directory that is related to your website it would beneficial for you to submit to it, as it can generate valuable back links.

Regional directory sites contain general and niche listings as they have a large range of categories to select from but are area specific but also provide valuable back links if your website is eligible and enable you to reach your target market.

Blog directory sites list blogs instead of websites and can be general, regional or niche directory sites. They are by and large a resource for bloggers.

Sometimes you can bid for a place in a directory from as low as $1 but if you want to be listed at the top of a specific category then you would have to bid the highest amount. This can be very expensive and for this reason these types of directory sites are not very popular.

Article directory sites list articles instead of websites and are very general. It is possible to find articles written about almost every subject under the sun. These articles can be reproduced on a website for free as long as it states the name of the author and their website. Article directory sites supply webmasters with free reliable content instead of giving links.

Podcast directory sites are a new type of directory emerging and list multimedia files. Containing audio and video files they can be downloaded directly onto an ipod, personal computer or similar mobile device.

There are still numerous types of directories we have not mentioned, but if you need more information on what is beneficial for your business feel free to ask any of our sales rep for further info.

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  • There are many different link building tactics, and directory submissions have their effect, no doubt, but it's not the only alternative.

    When it comes down to link building you shouldn't ask yourself which links are the top ones; they all have their benefits as well as short comings, they do have 1 thing in common; you need them. No matter which tactic you use for link building, they all have their strengths, but also short comings, which is why it is very crucial to mix them up; use various strategies at the same time.

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