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Michiel Van Kets

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How to Improve Your Rankings with Web Directory Submission?

So you have a brand new website set up which looks great and works well, and now you want everyone to know about it. What is your next step? What can you do to show the masses what you got?

One of the first steps is to use website directories to build links so as to get your website out to as many people as possible. A seo-friendly directory works effectively to allow search engines to locate your site and gives you a chance to get ahead of your competition.

The benefit of submitting your website to a directory is that you will get a link back to your website from the directory and you can get it for free. A link back to your website is important because the more links you have the faster they allow search engine spiders to index. Sites that are indexed will show up higher in search results when people are searching for your products or services on a directory, thereby driving more potential customers to you.

So how do web directories work? A directory is a list of websites that are organized into categories and sub-categories relevant to the business or service they provide. The sub-categories allow for much easier search of the information that your potential customers will be looking for. When you list in subcategories this makes it much easier for the search engine spiders to locate them, and search engine spiders are known to visit directories much more than other sites.

How do you know which directories to go to? Firstly, you have to decide if you want to use paid or free directories. Free directories will still give you the back links that you are aiming for, and while paid directories can also do the same, they can do much more. An example is the Yahoo! Directory, which provides you valuable links because spiders crawl on them and Yahoo! will also give you listing in all their associate sites, therefore justifying the costs of listing with them.

Do not feel that you should be limited to one website directory as there are countless numbers of them and you can use as many as you wish, provided they can give you valuable links back. Your aim is to get your website noticed with those quality links back to your website.

Another option for building links is via submissions. There are both automated directory submission and manual directory submission services you can choose. Manual submission is more difficult but better because there are many web directory sites that will not allow automated submissions from software, so as to ensure that only real human beings are making the postings on their directory. If you lack the time and dedication to improving your website then it would be a good idea for you to look into the services of a directory submission service, allowing you the time you need to concentrate on providing the service or product you say you will in your new website.

Remember, your job here is to make sure that your website content is of high standard and unique, so that you will have interested people clicking on the link and coming to your site. Therefore, you should not use the same description for every directory that you place submissions. People who are searching for specific products or information will browse the directory lists and not just click on the first available option if they can easily find something that provides more specific information to their requirements.

Now, make sure your information is good, and make as many submissions as you can to different website web directory sites for maximum exposure. Make sure the directories allow the easy back link to your website and that they are easy to manage. There is no point submitting to a directory that is hard to follow.

So there you go, some tips and hints for getting your website off and racing. Website marketing is a tough place to get into and without the right tools many businesses do not get what they wanted to achieve from the websites. These pointers should help you get started and if you follow these tips you may find you far exceed your expectations for your new website. Good luck to you on your new endeavor!

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  • There are many types of link building tactics, and directory submissions are great, for sure, but it's not your only option.

    When it comes down to link building you shouldn't think about which links are the best ones; they all have their advantages and short comings, they do have one thing in common; you need them. Regardless of which tactic you utilize for link building, they all have their advantages, but also short comings, which is why it is very crucial to mix them up; use various strategies at the same time.

    Here are a few of the other link building services we provide;
    Just the URL of your web site is enough for me to do some basic checking as well as capture a snapshot of your current keyword rankings with the use of a paid online service. But that is not a full keyword ranking report, it's just enough to get a first impression and begin the discussion with you to propose bespoke seo. Still, based on that info I can begin making suggestions; also which link building campaign would be the best for your web site, as reporting on-page SEO issues. To analyze your site and links is what Google does.

    Please, feel invited to ask for a free seo quote.


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