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Michiel Van Kets

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How to do the Manual Directory Submissions myself?

Two most important things when making directory submissions yourself is the list you will be submitting in, and the submission process itself. Here, we’ll give you a rundown on what to expect from start through to finish.

The first step is to decide on the directories to which you wish to submit your site to. There are literally thousands of web directory sites on World Wide Web today, and a quick way to find some of them would be to search on Google and Yahoo.

Once you have compiled your list of directories, the next step is to check that these directories are search engine friendly. A search engine friendly directory is one that will provide links that are counted and valued by the search engines. Links that aren’t SEO friendly are a waste of time and you should move on.

Just how do you check for SEO friendly directories? It is by looking at the source code of a directory page as well as studying how the links in that directory work.

You want to find directories that display links in typical HTML-href format. Any other format it will be very likely they are not SEO friendly links and will not be indexed by the search engines. Avoid directories that contain noindex and nofollow attributes.

If the links given by a directory do not go directly to its homepage, then they are not direct links and carry no value. Additionally, if a URL has too many parameters the search engines also will not value it very highly.

Now that hard part is over, let’s move onto the submission process itself. It is extremely important you choose the most appropriate category when submitting your website. There will be a number of categories and even sub-categories and it is important you chose the one most specific to the purpose of your business.

Directory links are no good if they come from unrelated categories. If there is nothing suitable in one directory skip that particular directory and move on to the next one. Note that some web directory sites allow category suggestions.

You can find the submission page of a directory in the ‘Add Listing’ or ‘Submit Site’ button. Clicking on that will take you straight to the submission form, where a bunch of information is required to be filled in.

You are also required to read their respective submission guidelines and rules. Each of these seo-friendly directories has different guidelines which you must adhere to. A directory editor will not hesitate to discard a submission for one that is missing some information or if a part of the criteria is not being followed through.

Typical details required will be the type of listing you choose, the website title, and a short description on what the website is about. Most directories would want your website to be fully running, and that no parts of is still under construction. Keywords, the words or phrase people are expected to use to find you, are also required. Whenever possible, use an email that comes from the website domain, not from a free email account provider such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail.

Automated submissions are not accepted by most directories and so a manual verification is required. During submission they often ask for a verification code which is shown on the submission form. You must enter the code in exactly the same way they show it. Most of these codes are also case-sensitive.

Note that for reciprocal listing option only, there is an extra field for you to fill in. If you went for the ‘Regular Link with Reciprocal’ option it is necessary to copy and paste the link given and onto your website, which you will then copy your URL and paste it in the ‘Reciprocal URL’ field.

If you choose the paid listing option, once you have entered all the details and submitted the form, you will be taken to a payment page. Here you will need to enter the payment details as specified. Most directories accept only credit card payments. Once your submission is complete a message will be sent to you to let you know it was received and your submission is under review pending approval. For paid listings in some directories such as Yahoo, a place is not guaranteed, even with the initial fee paid.

So to summarize, performing submission to directories yourself is possible, but do follow the submission guidelines before committing to payment. Many of these directories allow only one submission, and if a mistake is made, it is impossible to re-submit your site again to the same directory. Which is it pays off to use a web directory submission service.

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