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Michiel Van Kets

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Benefits of Directory Submissions?

No doubt you have seen blogs or webmaster forums or other business forums reviewing the information on benefits of directory submission and there is a lot of information available. The most important thing to know is that directory submission is used to promote your website and increase your customer flow therefore improving your profit.

Many are oblivious to the tools available out there that can provide search engine optimization (SEO) assistance to help promote and market their websites on the web. One of the most popular search engine optimization tools is building links via manual directory submissions. There are countless benefits to using directory submission which is why they are such a popular promotional method. Directory submissions are also a very affordable option compared with other marketing and advertising strategies.

For the uninitiated, SEO using directory submission is an extremely affordable choice. Letís take an in-depth look on benefits of what a manual directory submission service provider can do for you, and you can then compare this info with the costs of other conventional marketing and advertising techniques.

Directory submissions help search engines to find you When you use a directory submission you can improve the rate at which you will be listed within major search engines including Google and you can do this many times within a few days. However if you choose to add a website option with Google itself it can often take weeks before you would appear and not usually high in the rankings within the search pages. When you have increased links to your website from link building strategies or from directory submission either manually or with a directory submission service this improves your chances of being noticed by search engines. The links give the search engine robots the opportunity to access your site and that visibility improves your overall website visibility to the search engines themselves.

Directory submissions help boost your global link popularity

One of the main reasons to use directory submission is to optimize the results you achieve from your website. Obtaining increased incoming links to your website improves your ranking. That means that major search engine ranking algorithms will find your website over others. This is especially important if you are in a very competitive keyword market. To improve your ranking within the keyword competitive areas is near to impossible to achieve, or to maintain without effort. Without a huge number of back links that will boost your global link popularity you would not be able to obtain a good placement with your search engine page results.

Directory submissions build relevant keywords and links for your website

Using keywords that are part of your text for your directory improves the keyword relevancy that you use in the website title during the directory submission. When you make a directory submission you are building keyword relevancy for your overall website. Using well managed directories provides you with links or back links to your page or other pages with similar content. This alone is one reason to use directory submissions to improve your business.

Directory submissions create branding for your business

Branding is similar to keyword targeting in that it improves overall awareness of your business. When you use your business name in your anchor text for directory submissions you are increasing the brand awareness or your business or business name. When you use your business name, your keyword targeting and gain link building within your directory submission process you are in effect building your brand name at the same time. As your business becomes more visible to more and more potential customers so does your business name and therefore your branding.

Directory submissions improve search engine robot visits

Search engine robots crawl all over the web looking for new websites. When you submit your own directory submission or you use a directory submission service you increase the chances of the search engine robots coming to your website more often because your website will be categorized in a directory and it is sifting through such categories that search engine robots can find you according to specific search terms used.

As we can see very briefly from the above that directory submission is an excellent way to promote your website. It is a tool that you can use at a limited cost, and at the same time, it does it part to increase your business standing, your business popularity, online visitorsí traffic and your overall net result. There is only a little to invest in the process except your time and minimal charges, depending on the way you go about starting with your directory submission process. For the time and funds involved you really cannot afford not to try.

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  • Directory submissions will help you to get better rankings in the search engines results pages, but that is just 1 of the numerous ways to get referrals from other sites.

    When it comes down to link building you shouldn't think about which links are the best ones; all the links have their advantages and issues, one thing they do have in common is that you need all kinds of them. No matter which tactic you utilize for link building, they all have their advantages, but also short comings, that is also why it is very important to mix them up; use different tactics at the same time.

    These link building services are also offered;
    The on-page issues can be done by our team or your own web development and on-page seo specialists. And based on a full ranking report, I can create a link building plan for the upcoming 3 to 6 months. The way we are structured is to provide you with the most excellent customer service we possibly can, which means that as soon as we have the basic info of your web site, we will do everything for you; you just have to sit back and see your keywords rise in Google.

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