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Michiel Van Kets

Manual Directory Submissions Service for SEO

We're the only directory submission service in the world who has actually reviewed just about each and every directory that has ever existed.

Since 2006 we reviewed more than 75.000 directories! Since 2006 i have been paying somebody part-time to do nothing but reviewing directories to make sure they're indeed seo-friendly.

Just as you would announce your company details to the yellow pages to make sure your phone number can be found, so is directory submissions the most straight forward way to get your site to be found by search engines like Google.

Directories are libraries of websites categorized according the topic. They allow people searching for information by browsing the categories looking for websites that interest them.

This in itself can get you visitors, but what we are interested in is the link to your website from the directory because google will index them. Many directories have been around for more than a decade and they have high PR, all their pages indexed and so authority. To get a listing, which means a back-link from them is very valuable.

You can submit your links to directories yourself but youíll find out that itís very complex to make sure you submit your site to a seo-friendly web directory and the submission process itself is very time-consuming.

You really need an expert touch here from people who know the directories. Here's how we can help you:

Our staff is trained in data processing and we are western seo-experts living in Thailand, assisted by well educated Thai staff. We are able to guarantee you consistent quality at a very affordable prices.

All the directories we submit to have been reviewed by our European experts.
Every submission is done completely by hand to ensure that every detail conforms to the different rules of each directory.
And we only submit to SEO friendly directories and guarantee that each link is a direct one-way, non-reciprocal link, the way Google want seo directory submissions to be done.

Before we even get started with submitting your site, we prepare all information to guarantee you fast results and with a high approval rate.
  • We first check the information you provide us. If necessary we will improve your title, your anchor links, your keywords/phrases and description. Of course, if we do this we will contact you to ask your approval.
  • We ensure that we only submit to relevant directories and the most relevant category and sub-category.
  • We can assure you that your site will only be submitted to the directories which are most relevant to your site and those who are also most likely to approve your submission.
  • Before submitting we verify if your site isn't listed already. We don't submit to the directory if you're already listed.
  • Every submission is done completely manually. Our staff is familiar with each directory and will add the information according to the specific rules.

But don't fool yourself; when a directory gets our seo-friendly stamp, that doesn't mean it also has a lot of seo-value to spread around, especially considering that directories have thousands and thousands of sites listed. That's why the total amount of directories we can use that are first of all seo-friendly, but just as well seo-wise valuable is limited.

What you need to understand is that we have a list, that comes from many years of manuallly reviewing the directories that is limited, and sorted fromk high value to low value. Don't worry, low value doesn't mean badf value; that's what we manually checked for the directories will not harm you, but that doesn't mean that eacjh directory will give a big boost to your rankings.

So, be aware; the first 500 directory submissions we do for a real, nice web site will give an significant boost for the keywords used, but by then you already got the best of it; we can then still do 500 more, but that's then directory #501 to 1.000, those 500 together will give just about much of a boost as what you got from the first 50.

So, yes, directory submissions are still a very effective and rather cheap link building tactic, but the list of directories that are actually worth the time and effort to submit to is limited. the first 500 are still very good, to do 500 more is still reasonable, but by then it's about done.

ORDER NOW : Manual Directory Submissions in convenient Monthly SEO Packages

We're asking for your own, personal, direct contact details so we can send you the files needed for the actual order(s) with guidelines for you to find the right snippets of information we'll be needing to start the order.

Based on the URL we will already gather a lot of the information, but we also need you to set up a new email and install a forwarder and a few more details, which is why we'll send you the file and explanation in an email. We'll communicate with you until you're totally happy with what we're going to do and we have all the information needed to do just that; giving you genuine quality links.

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