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Michiel Van Kets

Directory Submission Service

41. & 42. Homepage Directory Submissions (order now)

What you need to understand is that there's a difference between a really high quality directory and some totally worthless crappy directory. It is our responsibility towards you to make sure that we only use seo-friendly directories, but that means that the list of directories is limited. There were in 2006 it would actually make sense to do 5000 directory submissions, now doing 1.000 is already a stretch, there just not that many valuable directories left that give links for free.

This while we maintain different lists for each country. Which means that when you order directory submissions for a site in the USA we will only use those directories that have their server, in other words their IP in the USA. Which is very good, but of course it also means the list of directories again gets shorter.

There are all kind of elements that will influence the success rate, the most important one is the email being used, we really need a new email address from the domain with a name, not seo@. To use an email that's not from the domain itself will results in at least 1/3 of the submissions being deleted automated after what seems like a successful directory submission without giving any error warning.; it's a trap set up to filter out submissions being done by any other email than an email from the site itself as to the directory owners that means that the person responsible for the email doesn't care, so most likely the site is just as crappy. be aware of that; if you don't care, don't be surprised that the directory owners don't care either to give you a free link; get a email from the domain for the directory submissions. And if you install a forwarder to our email (which we give you when you place an order), we will review the emails for you as well, which means you don't have to do anything else but providing us with the details, we do everything else for you including writing the descriptions.

Then 1 more thing that is rather important to get the results you want is to make sure that the homepage is already showing PR (pagerank). Why? The directories really get overwhelmed with submissions, this while for them it is also important to link rather to high PR sites than sites without any PR, so they will sort the new submissions by highest PR first and so it can take many, many months before they get to the sites with no PR if they ever get to it all.

To make a long story short; directory submissions still work as long you order them from a quality directory service like ours.

There are several differences between us and 99% of the other directory submission services, including directorymaximizer, submiteaze and submitedge; they say that they do the submissions manually, but they don't! yes, they are shamelessly lying and cheating on you. They have never ever reviewed not 1 of the directories they'll be using as they use the directory list that their semi-automated program uses. So that are already 2 very important difference; we actually reviewed all the directories we use to make sure they're really seo-friendly and we actually do each submission manually by opening the directory and not just submitting the details, but even more so visually verifying that the details respect the different requirements; there where some directories give 250 characters as the maximum length allowed, other will give it as the minimum length required.

43. Deep-Linking Directory Submissions (order now)

The reason why we offer deep-linking directory submissions is because we noticed that from the 75.000 directories we checked over the years, almost half of them do have deep-links here and there on their pages. How do we know that? Well, once a directory has passed all the other requirements to be seo-friendly we simply look around the directory to see if the also link out to sub-pages, if they do; we put them in our deep-linking list, if they don't; if we can't find any links to sub-pages we classify the directory as a homepage directory.

although doing deep-linking with directory submissions is remarkable effective for a small amount of money; the list we can use just keeps getting shorter and shorter, which means that we have about 100 really good directories for deep-linking, then about 200-300 more good ones and the remaining 500-600 are just about good enough, as it's still cheap to do, but that's it, when we did 1.000 deep-linking directory submissions for your website our list is exhausted and it's the best one, as it is the only real one.

That's why we have rather small package for it; so you can take it for several different URLs. From in the very beginning it has always been essential to have links to as many pages as possible. It's only since the Penguin update that it has also become mandatory, but the principle of constantly switching the URLs and keywords you use is as old as google has been counting links; from in the very beginning.

44. & 45. Homepage + Deep-Linking Directory Submissions (order now)

Well, since about half the directories accept deep-linking, while the other half will only accept homepage submissions, we have a package to use the full list 50/50 as well.

46. Local-Niche-Paid Directory Submissions (order now)

Although the first 100-150 directories from our free general list are still good directories, when you want to find more than just some good links for little money, but you're willing to pay extra to get some really good, really valuable links, despite them being directory links, then that's possible, but ... it will cost money.

So, we can still find at least 50, sometimes up to 100 really high quality links in the directories, but those are the niche and local directories and most of them are paid, so while we're doing that we also mix in the general paid directories, as also there the same principle counts as for the entire concept of directory submissions; most of them are a waste of time, but that doesn't mean that you should ignore those few truly valuable ones.

ORDER NOW : Manual Directory Submissions in convenient Monthly SEO Packages

We're asking for your own, personal, direct contact details so we can send you the files needed for the actual order(s) with guidelines for you to find the right snippets of information we'll be needing to start the order.

Based on the URL we will already gather a lot of the information, but we also need you to set up a new email and install a forwarder and a few more details, which is why we'll send you the file and explanation in an email. We'll communicate with you until you're totally happy with what we're going to do and we have all the information needed to do just that; giving you genuine quality links.

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