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Michiel Van Kets

The different Stages in the Process of
Manual Directory Submissions

Do yourself a favor and read the following advice carefully, as many little details will make a huge difference in the end result of the entire process.

STAGE 1: Making the Order Online

It just takes 3 easy steps to get started.

  • STEP 1 :: Submit your site information

  • This is a very important step; it's up to you to provide us with the correct information to do the submissions.

    Not to worry; we will help you; once you submitted the information, we put it in an excel sheet and review it. We make adjustments if needed and send it to back you, so you can double check it yourself as well to be assured that all information is optimized correctly.

    Email Address :
    We ask for 2 different email addresses;
    The first one is the email address we'll be using to communicate with you, not for the submissions.
    The second email address is for the submissions exclusively. The email address that we use for the submissions should be related to the website. E.g. is not related to In this case we will ask you for an email address as
    We have found that the approval rate of the submissions will be dramatically affected by the email address. The difference between the use of a related email address and a non-related one is about 25-35%.
    If you do not want your regular mailbox to be receive SPAM, please set up a new email address for these submissions as

    Web Site URL’s :
    The URL for the homepage should be clear, it's you domain name.
    We also offer the option to order submissions for sub-pages; any page that's not the homepage. The links you'll get from that are called deep-links.
    Deep-links have great value, of course for the page itself, but also for the entire site; deep-links submissions give a boost to your total link profile.
    But not just any page will have the same approval ratio; make sure that the page is content rich and optimized for the targeted keyphrases.
    To keep the amount of information that needs to be filled in, we limited the fields, so you can't give us the titles for the deep-links. We had it online before, but it turned out that it's much easier for you to fill in the titles for the deep-links in the excel sheet we'll send you after you made your order. So, don't worry; for the deep-links we'll use 5 different titles and 3 descriptions for each page; but you don't have to give them online.

    Titles :
    The titles are going to be the anchor text of the links pointing to your site.
    This should therefore always be the keyword/phrase that you are optimizing for. Conduct a keyword research to find out what the best keywords are for your site. We always ask for more titles on the same URL, because all the directories have different guidelines. Some will not accept a title longer than 30 characters and some do not accept any titles shorter than 30 characters.
    We never change the titles given !!
    Filing in this information is the responsibility of the client. We cannot know the strategy or keyword research done for every individual page and expect you to know which pages you optimized for which keywords.

    Descriptions :
    The descriptions are a different thing. As an extra service we adjust the descriptions if necessary.
    We understand that many SEO's want their descriptions to be full with their keywords, or that some people prefer a little advertisement as descriptions. However, this will affect the approval rate of your submissions. In other words, having the description of your choice and therefore your submissions rejected is not going to help you at all.

    Remember at each step that the directory reviewers are human and need to approve your information and the site, so forget about SEO for a little while and just give them what they want. After all, they do give you a link for free ... or not !!! A badly SEO'd link is still better then NO link ... keep those reviewers in mind !!

    The directory submissions work as follows :
    The directories receive dozens of submissions per day, which will first be filtered by the system. It depends on the settings, but the most likely submissions that will be filtered out contain words as “Free”, “We”, “You”, “Discount”, etc.
    The submissions that remain will then reach the human editor. These editors are giving away links for free … or not !! Most editors do not have the time to check out the websites and judge by the description given if it should be added to their directory and deserve a free link. Keyword stuffing, advertisements, anything else that is not a plain description might be deleted just at the sight of it. The dozen or so, submissions that are completed properly then might make it into the directory.

    Every directory displays the guidelines clearly and in order to get the free link from the human editor, it is important that the guidelines are respected.
    Here are the “standard” guidelines that nearly all directories have:
    • Keep the site description of brief - no longer than 30-50 words.
    • A well-written, objective description will help to get your site listing approved.
    • Do not use any HTML tags.
    • Write complete sentences and/or descriptive phrases using proper grammar, punctuation and correct spelling.
    • Do not use ALL CAPS in your titles and/or description.
    • Avoid capitalizing every word in a sentence.
    • Do not repeat the title of your site in the description.
    • Avoid using promotional language and strings of key words and search terms.
    • descriptions with words and phrases like "cool", "best darn site", "new", "discount", "great", "free" will be rejected by the top-directories.
    We take utmost care to submit according to all guidelines and therefore as an extra service we adjust the descriptions for our clients to get higher approval rates. Following the guidelines also means that we need more than one description ready to fill in. As with the titles, every directory has different rules on the length of the descriptions.

    Keywords :
    Sure, the keywords are the key to your success, but in this case they ask a bout your keywords for their own internal search system. The keywords you want to target need to be in the title.

  • STEP 2 :: Select your submissions package

  • We maintain a list of 1.500 directories each of them are SEO-friendly directories that give direct, one-way links. We checked thousands of directories to populate the list of directories we use for the manual submissions.

    All these directories have different rules, settings and of course human reviewers. Because of this we offer many different options;
  • Basic submissions package; homepage submissions to the top-directories, list is sorted according the PR of the directory.
  • Easy submissions package; these are the directories of which we know that they tend to approve easy. To review each and every site takes a lot of time, so many directories only review the submitted information (this is why we spend so much extra effort in getting that info according their liking).
  • Fast submissions package; these are directories that will react fast, review your submission within 1 month and so you'll get a lot of links fast.
  • Deep-link submissions packages; almost half of the directories accept deep-links, but only to valuable pages, to get a lot of deep-links to a lot of different pages on your site will boost the rankings of those pages AND the homepage, this because those pages will gain more PR themselves to pass on to your homepage.

  • For a combination of reasons we suggest to take the 250 homepage + 5x50 deep-link package for 3 months. This is the most effective way to get the very best results out of directory submissions. To encourage you to do so we offer a significant discount on this package.

  • The Prices of the different Manual Directory Submissions Packages

  • STEP 3 :: Confirm your order with the Payment

  • We use Paypal for the payments.
    Paypal offers a very good protection for you; after the payment you have 45 days the days to ask for a refund if we didn't do the order. Want I to say; if this is the first time you make an order like this, I understand that you worry a bit as there are unfortunatly many shady companies out there ... but be assured, we're an honest company and PayPal protects you very well!

    If you don't have a PayPal account you can still use it; you can make payments with your credit card with the PayPal system without a PayPal account.

    STAGE 2: Preparing, Reviewing and Confirming the Data

    Once we have prepared the spreadsheet with submission data (keeping the URLs and titles the same and adjusting the descriptions if necessary) we will send this to you.

    The spreadsheet is an Excel file. We use different tabs for each URL. This means that if you ordered a package of 250 homepage submissions and 5 different deep-links x 50 submissions, you will find 6 tabs in the file.

    You need to check the data on the sheet and make changes where necessary. This is where you still can change your strategy and add or edit the titles, etc.

    If everything is in order, just send us a confirmation email.
    If not, make the adjustments in the file and return the edited file to us.
    When we're both sure that all information is correct, we will start submitting it.

    STAGE 3: The Manual Directory Submissions

    We submit your order.
    Of course this is in fact most of the work, we can do about 250-300 submissions daily per person.
    The time that it takes for us to complete the submissions depends on the size of your order. We always complete your order in the shortest period possible, but we do work with a “first ordered, first served” system and sometimes it takes a few days before we can start submitting your data.

    During our submissions, you will need to keep an eye open for confirmation emails from the directories. Please confirm by clicking on the link where necessary. And note that not every directory will send an email after we submitted the data. If you have ordered 500 submissions, it will be likely that you receive about 300 emails only.

    STAGE 4: The Manual Directory Submissions Report

    After we have completed the order, we will email you the report. In the report you can find names and URLs of all the directories that we submitted to. We also mention the PR of the directory in this report. This is referring to the PR on the index page of the directory. We cannot know on which page your link will end up and the PR on every page is different. Remember that manual directory submissions are a way to get fast and easy a lot of links to your website, not a way to get the best quality links. We're not going to fool you about this; directory submissions are a proven tactic to get better rankings in the SERP's, but mainly thanks to the quantity, not so much of the quality of the individual links you'll get out of it.

    Also remember that the directories have to approve your site, not only the submissions. We guarantee you 100% acceptation of the submissions, but you will also get rejections due to the quality of your site, that's up to you of course. So ... TIP: remove some of the adsense from your homepage for 3-4 months, this will improve your approval ratio as well, especially with the top-directories.

    We always keep the report of your orders as well. If you ordered 500 submissions and would like to do more submissions in the future, we will use different directories. We have now about 2.000 directories that give free, one-way, non-reciprocal, direct links. This number is shifting constantly, because the directories are changing all the time. Every month we find about 200 new directories that we can use. And at the same time many of the directories will be removed from our list because they have changed and are no longer free.

    Nobody is perfect, so we make mistakes sometimes, silly, honest mistakes; clicking the wrong button somewhere, things like that. To compensate for these kind of minor errors we always submit more then what your ordered anyway.

    STAGE 5: Getting the Links

    Now that all the submissions are done, all there's left to do is wait.
    All these directories get hundreds of submissions daily, so it will take a long time before all directories have come to your site to review. This can take up to 6 months. Which is in fact a good thing; you'll get a steady flow of new links for a long time.

    About 60% of the directories send emails, so you'll get notifications, but not all do that.

    To order 100-500 submissions every month for a few months is a very good tactic. You'll get a lot of new links for a long period, but also because you have the opportunity to change the keywords you’re targeting in the titles with each order.

    It just takes 3 easy steps to get started.

    Read our Manual Directory Submission Services F.A.Q. for more information.

    Let me repeat this; directory submissions will help you to get better rankings in the search engines results pages, but it's just 1 of the many ways to get links.

    When it comes down to link building you shouldn't ask yourself which links are the best ones; they all have their advantages and disadvantages, they do have 1 thing in common; you need them.

    So, don't just wait for the links to come in, also use other strategies to get links.

    These are some of the other link building services we offer; We also offer other web site and internet marketing services like on-page SEO, web site design and development, but not at standard prices.
    Each web site demands a different approach and will give different results, depending on the level of competition, selected keywords, scale and of course the quality of your site. Therefore we need to analyse your site and information first to give you a custom quote for web site building and/or internet marketing services.


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