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Michiel Van Kets

DEEP-LINKING Directory Submission Service

There can only be 1 seo-service better than all the others; when it comes down to manual directory submissions, we are simply the very best manual directory submissions service in the world - since 2006 !

We were the very first and for so long the only seo company offering manual deep-linking directory submissions. Why? Because in order to know which directories accept deep-linking you need to manually review them; we're the only seo company in the world who has actually done that!

It has always been essential for the health of your site as a whole to have links to a lot of pages, not just the homepage. While there are not that many ways to get a lot of links for different pages, which makes deep-linking directory submissions as well valuable as efficient. So it's a very good value for money tactic that will last for quite a while.

Deep Linking is crucial to boost the value of your site as a whole and to maintain the health of your entire link profile.

Many people make the mistake to think that their homepage is the only page that can rank, and so they will require all links to their homepage and think that their homepage can rank for all their keywords. This is not how it works.

What you need to keep in mind is that your site is also linking from your own pages to the homepages and vice versa; they all hang together, and in order to make sure that google first and foremost is willing to index all your pages; they need links. The internal links of your own site will only stretch so far; they need help from external links. For example; linking to all your different category pages, where the products are listed and linked, will get more of the individual product pages indexed, while those are of course l;inking back in the breadcrumbs to the category page. That's how those pages support each other. Obviously the more pages in the mix get external links, the more your own pages are worht, the more your internal links are worth and so they will then also contriburte to your rankings. While those links are under your control so you can tweak them whenever it might be needed, rather then depending on external links only.

Don't be mistaken, there's more to it then just the principle of it; we did review all of those directories 1 by 1 manually. and what you need to understand is that we spend most of our time deleting the crappy ones; most directories are simply not seo-friendly, while the very best, very seo-friendly and very seo valuable directories are paid for of course. So for each deep-link directory we use for you there are 99 other directories we don't use.

Your best visitors are those who are looking for very specific information, which they most likely will not find on the homepage. Therefore itís important to optimize multiple pages, which then are called landing pages, as in; where your visitors will land when theyíre looking for the specific information for which the page is optimized. Of course those pages will then also need links. Thatís why itís important to use the possible of submitting deep-links to the directories.

Thereís more to it; each page that gets deep-links will also have more value to pass on to the other pages of your site, which means that you should get deep-links for as many pages possible.

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