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Mixed Blog Commenting

Healthy mix of natural blog commenting links, including high PR and anchor text links.

We have been doing quality blog commenting at affordable rates since 2004.

This is the most powerful blog commenting package for post-Penguin SEO.


PACKAGE description



   Healthy Mix of Natural Quality Blog Commenting Links    10 natural LINKS - PR(1)-2-3-4-5-(6) $70 USD £40 GBP

These are simply the best links we can get you with all kinds of different advantages and requirements mixed up. While we do it because there are so many different type of links available from blogs, by doing so we also bypass the Penguin filters. In other words; while it's a very powerful link building tactic, simply by mixing up the type of links we get it's also safe!

Basically were it comes down to is simple; from all the different types of links we can get from blogs, we pick the very best ones giving you a healthy mix of powerful, yet very natural links.

Different types of blog commenting links including in the mixed blog commenting package;

Before you can order any blog commenting, you need to order the public profile package first.

We already have a long list of dofollow blogs from doing this for so many years. Our list is so extended that we can do at least 50, most of the time up to 100 blog comment postings at high quality. Because it's more than just getting links, it's getting high quality, very natural direct dofollow links.

Most sites already have so many anchor text links that it might actually hurt your rankings, while these links are so strong that the value they will give makes google crawl your site so deep that it will also find the anchor texts links from your other pages pointing to the homepage and so make your rankings go up, even without them carrying any anchor texts links themselves, that is how powerful these links are. And now for the best part; we do have anchor text links in this package just as well. But because we're mostly aimed at the natural quality elements, there will not be that many blogs giving anchor texts links, yet when the3y do; we're talking about the highest quality you can get for your site, as step 1 for us is always to search for pages related to your keywords, we never falter that requirement.

Let me explain this first; what makes a link a valuable link? In order of importance!

  • The content-keywords of the site-page-blog have to be related and relevant to yours.
  • Direct one-way links;
    • DoFollow (no use of the NoFollow tag) Links
    • No redirects
    • No javascript
  • High PR
  • High Authority
  • Low amount of other outgoing links on the page.
  • Anchor text links - keywords in the link
  • Location of the link;
    • Anchor texts links embedded in the text are the best links.
    • The higher on the page the better.
  • 7) Style elements; size, bold, underline, different color etc.

There are a few more elements determining the value of a link but these are the most important ones.

The first requirement is that the blog pages are all relevant with regard to your keywords, this is mandatory for all comments.

But then we can start mixing it up. Although 90-95% of the links will be dofollow, we will find a few blogs that are in fact the best blogs in your niche market; but many of these are the ones with the nofollow tag on all comment links. We will get at least some links from the very best of them for 2 reasons;

    1) The big blogs have on most of their pages PR4-5, even if it's a nofollow link it will still transfer some value, may it not be PR, there's also authority to be gained, so to get a handful of links from these has a very positive effect on your total link profile, especially because they're nofollow links. Although the average PR of the dofollow blogs might be lower, as no-nofollow tag makes such a big difference we simply use the dofollow blogs more. However, that doesn't mean we should completely skip those few top nofollow blogs, we just use them very minimally.

    2) After we've been doing blog commenting for a while itís time to then start adding some guest blog posts to the mix as this offers even better embedded anchor text deep-links than those we can get from blog commenting. Most of the blogs that have the nofollow tag on links from the comments made generally don't have the NoFollow tag on the links in the post itself. So, by doing some NoFollow comments, only in the very biggest blogs of your niche market, we're already building up a list of blogs to get dofollow-blog-post links from later on. As for blog posts, the manual review is even stricter than the review for the comments, the success rate significantly increases if we first do some comments and then send them a guest blog post afterward.

Simply put, there's a big difference between the theory and what's actually available. Especially because we make sure to stay related at all times, we just can't expect to find hundreds of pages with high seo value ... and here it comes; that haven't been used massively by other people yet! So inevitable the choice we have to work with is rather limited. Which is why we validate elements like same country IP very high. Whenever we find blogs or a set of pages that are related to your keywords, and the site is hosted in the same country as yours, we still need to check to make sure its possible to get a direct dofollow link, but obviously that's already enough to use it. If they also have a good consistent PR on most of their pages we will use a lot of pages to post comments, while if they for example have quite a lot of other comments already we will simply use it less.

That's why the package is called mixed, which doesn't define anything; it's because we have so many different type of options within all those different blogs we simply can't come up with another term that's accurate enough. to give you all the explanations we have 1 section for 'medium' links, while the mixed package is the medium plus the premium and easy links; it's really a mix.

So after searching for pages related to your site, measuring the seo elements, we combine the list to use in such a way that you do get high quality links, but at the same time we keep using a lot of different smaller blogs, giving you beside the strong links also links from many different IP's. And that has become a very important element these days; although in the mixed package some links might be from PR(0)1-(2) pages, of course we find a lot more of these than the high-PR pages, so by using each of those blogs very minimal, while using a lot different once; we don't spend too much money on them, yet you get links from many different IP's.

If your site is in the USA you don't have to worry too much about IP's, as most blogs are still hosted in the USA, but for the UK it's really hard to find blogs hosted in the UK that still meet the requirements. meaning that for non-USA sites

Convenient Monthly Blog Commenting Packages & Reporting


PACKAGE description



   Premium Blog Commenting - High_PR Links    10 natural LINKS - PR(3)-4-5-(6) $100 USD £60 GBP
   Premium Blog Commenting - Anchor-Text Links    10 natural LINKS - PR(1-2)-3-4-(5) $100 USD £60 GBP
   Healthy Mix of Natural Quality Blog Commenting Links    10 natural LINKS - PR(1)-2-3-4-5-(6) $70 USD £40 GBP
   Easy Comment Posting - Blogger-Blogspot Links    10 blogger-blogspot NoFollow links PR(2-3)-4-5-6-(7) $40 USD £26 GBP

Before you can order any blog commenting, you need to order the public profile package first.

We're asking for your own, personal, direct contact details so we can send you copies of the files we use to keep you updated.

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