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Premium Blog Commenting - HIGH PR (pagerank) Links

We have been doing quality blog commenting at affordable rates since 2004.


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   Premium Blog Commenting - High_PR Links    10 natural LINKS - PR(3)-4-5-(6) $100 USD 60 GBP

We compile a list of blog pages based on your keywords, and according all the different element that determine the actual SEO value. We take those with the highest PR of the page itself, not the PR of the homepage, but the pagerank of the individual pages with your link on it.

Of course we also look at the total of other outgoing links, if there are already 20-50 other outgoing links on the page, your single link will not carry a lot of value to your site. So, we select only those that are related to your topic, not many other comments and of course the high PR of the page.

We have a more in-depth and technical explanation of the different link types on the medium links page.

What is 'high' pagerank? In the price lists we refer to the PR as; PR(3)-4-5(6); meaning; what we're looking for are pages with PR4-5, because that's compared with what available already very high. If we find a PR6 page or even PR7, of course we will use it to get a link for you, but because the country IP and the topic of the page is more important than the pagerank, most likely we will simply not find them. This while for the medium links we do find a lot of PR3 pages as well, those that are really good; pages with your keywords in the url, title and the content, same country IP, hardly any other comments and even less outgoing links ... of course we will also use some of those then, just because although PR3 is indeed not that high; the PR is just 1 of the elements, it would be ashame to pass on those few extra good PR3 pages, but only if they indeed have some extra value, that's why it's between brackets. Most pages will have PR4-5; that's what you pay for.

The only thing you need to be aware off is that most of those high PR blogs with low amount of other outgoing links usually will not accept the use of your keywords as the anchor text for the link. They require a name, your name and the homepage. in other words, although we might get lucky and so for sure we'll use the right anchor and/or deep-link, but most of the time it will be the name of the public profiles pointing to the homepage, not your keywords pointing to a sub-page; that's the other premium package; anchor text links.

High Pagerank(PR) Links from Profiles

Pagerank 4 - PR4 live sample

(click the image of the URL to go to the actual page)

There might be 1 type of link that surprises you to get in the high PR list; profile pages. So let me start with one of those to explain; Profile on Symantec
  • His website is about SEO, and of course you know Symantec, right? So although it's not specific for SEO, to get a link from a high authority site like Symantec is good for any IT-related site
  • it's a f'ing PR4 - pagerank 4 !!
  • the link is a direct dofollow link
  • NO other outgoing links in the content of the page
  • the biography makes the page 100% related
  • it took us just 2 comments
In other words, for just $20 we can get a 100% related page with no other outgoing links but your own direct dofollow link AND PR4 on the page from a high authority blog in his broader market!

High Pagerank(PR) Links from Related Pages

Pagerank 4 - PR4 live sample

(click the image of the URL to go to the actual page)

Don't be fooled; most of the other names are not linking out to another website; they're linking back to the page itself. Have a good look, the link we got for our client; is 1 of the very few links in the content of the page, while it actually has the word 'chess' in the URL and the tile and a gorgeous PR4. So despite the fact that the link itself doesn't carry the keyword, the word chess is all over the page, for sure it will help rank our clients web site for 'chess' better.

High Pagerank(PR) Links Pages with few other links

Pagerank 4 - PR4 live sample

(click the image of the URL to go to the actual page)

This is one of those 'golden nuggets'; only 21 other outgoing links on that page, while 4 of them have the nofollow tag. The fact that the page has as well dofollow as nofollow links makes the dofollow links even stronger. Of course the link we got for our client is a dofollow link.

And a little bit of luck; this blog happens to put the new comment on top of the page, so that's why the link is really well placed as well.

Obviously, even though it's 'only' the name linking to the homepage, because it's from a high quality, authoritative blog with a high PR, pagerank 4 in this case, your site itself will gain a fresh doze of high quality seo value from it.

Especially sites that already have a lot of anchor text links, but hardly any geneuine links will benefit from the 'healthy' and 'natural' high quality of these type of links.

While just as well, we're able to get high PR links with anchor text embedded in the comment, like this one; Shoes
It's the first comment; shoemaven, 16 may 2013. Our client is and in the comment the word 'shoes' is the link.

The link our client got there is pretty much the only outgoing link on a PR4 page about shoes (ok, ok, 'sneakers') from an authority blog with genuine comments, no spam; that's an extraordinary high quality link to have and for just 410 it's a bargain. While when you take the mixed blog commenting package we will use these embedded high-PR anchor text links just as well.

Because finding related with a high PR is not enough, as the total amount of outgoing links is also very important; the more other links, the less your link is worth. Once there are more than 20-30 other links the value is already fragmented so tiny that it's not really worth it anymore. So we try to find the exceptions, a very good way to get high PR links from pages that haven't been spammed to death yet or blogs that don't give a direct link from filling in your name, but we can 'linkdrop'.

Here an example where we can use what we call an http-url linkdrop; shoes. Although you can see we're not the only ones doing it, most comments don't have a link, so the total amount of outgoing links is still low. While the page has pagerank 5 and it's about sport, while the keyword we're working on was 'sport shoes', so we had half the term from the page itself, so as you can see in the comment, we added the word shoe a few times. Admittedly it's somewhat on the edge when it comes down to being related, but it's a PR5 ... they're very hard to find, and sport was 1 of the keyword given. So this is again another link that's worth a whole lot more than the $10 you would pay us for it.

In the same category we also have http-URL deep-links, pointing to a sub-page. And since your pages should be optimized, meaning the keywords are in the http URL, so those count as anchor text links as wel.

Convenient Monthly Blog Commenting Packages & Reporting


PACKAGE description



   Premium Blog Commenting - High_PR Links    10 natural LINKS - PR(3)-4-5-(6) $100 USD 60 GBP
   Premium Blog Commenting - Anchor-Text Links    10 natural LINKS - PR(1-2)-3-4-(5) $100 USD 60 GBP
   Healthy Mix of Natural Quality Blog Commenting Links    10 natural LINKS - PR(1)-2-3-4-5-(6) $70 USD 40 GBP
   Easy Comment Posting - Blogger-Blogspot Links    10 blogger-blogspot NoFollow links PR(2-3)-4-5-6-(7) $40 USD 26 GBP

Before you can order any blog commenting, you need to order the public profile package first.

We're asking for your own, personal, direct contact details so we can send you copies of the files we use to keep you updated.

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