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Guest Blog Posting Service

Blogger-Blogspot Posts

One more reason why our public profile package is mandatory is because it includes setting up, filling in and connecting your blogger-blogspot account.

So, once you ordered the public profile package, it's very, very easy for us to insert the blogger-blogspot posts, schedule them for weekly release, and each time one of your posts is published on schedule, it will also 'G-plus' it and send a Tweet.

Obviously the single most important thing here is the simple fact that this is Google’s own blog platform, of course it has all kinds of benefits and sneaky advantages other sites doesn’t have.

Google has put the standard setting so that if you don't change anything it will place site-wide links to your Google Plus account, with the bio text, including the embedded anchor text deep-links, which we've tested; it works really well; that's like a triple 'crime' in seo terms; no problem, it's all good in blogger-blogspot!

Combine that with the fact that whenever you set up a google account, with the same logins you already have a blogger-blogspot account, it's the only public profiles site that doesn't require registration, we still have to do some set up, filling in some of the few blanks; like your twitter account logins to send tweets for each published post. The blogger-blogspot account exists as soon we set up a Google plus account for you.

And while the SEO world is always fixated on whatever Google does to eliminate the crappy links, few notice what google does to reward genuine authors. It’s called Google's authorship; there's a page for it in your webmasters tools ... added just a few months ago! What does that mean; you need a google account and link to it from your site; that's Google new authorship 'rule' and 1 more reason why the public profile package is mandatory; we set up your Google profile, so you can then link to it.

So now that you know that Google is using the associations of the author of your site as a ranking factor, which means you have to have a google plus account, and once you have that you also have a blogger-blogspot account, and although we fill in some of the background fields, as long you don't post anything there it's empty. Do you think that having an empty blogger account or having at least an about us page and a few post will make a difference or not? Of course it does!

So from that perspective; you really, really need to do at least 1 package to fill up your otherwise empty blogger-blogspot account.

And then as added bonus; doing blogger-blogspot comments, since all of them will always be nofollow we don't have to spend the huge amount of time we would otherwise spend to find the 0.02% of the blogs in your niche that are not nofollow, as we already know that in blogger-blogspot they're all 100% nofollow anyway. Again, it's only because its Google own platform that it make sense to ignore the nofollow tab.

Yes, I'm claiming that google is cheating against their own nofollow rule in favor of their own blogger-blogspot platform!

High-End Guest Blog Posts

Despite Google's Panda & Penguin updates it's still about getting anchor text links from high PR pages. The higher the PR of those pages, the less links you need, and the less risk you take.

By writing posts for blogs that already have high-PR all over their site, the links are already highly valuable, while the whole text will be 100% related to your keywords, as that's how we will write the post for you, making the links even more effective for your rankings.

Guest blog posts are 1 of those very few tactics that will give you really strong, healthy, natural, genuine, powerful embedded anchor text links from a 1005 related page. This is where the real money is. This is the link building tactic that will make you successful for the most competitive keywords in your list. There are not many other link building tactics that can give you links as good as the links you can get from guest blog posts.

But that's also why it's really hard to get posts approved and published by those really powerful, authority blogs. The least they will do is too look at previous posts you did, as long you don't have those, it's almost impossible to get even a reply to the request. Which is why this is something we need to build up over time.

Where it comes down to is simple. First of all you need to order blog commenting to start with. As we're working on the lists of blogs for you, we keep our eyes open to find those few blogs that might be willing to publish posts for you. Once we have a few to give it a try, we'll write the first guest blog post.

Obviously as we're aiming for quality blogs to publish those posts, we write quality content, which has a price. especially because we really need to include all the extras a summary and a bio about the author, that's the least, we need picture, real reference site like Wikipedia to link to, so it's not only linking to your own site, there has to be a story line, the information need to be up to date and accurate; it costs money. So, we do need to have at least 4-5 medium blogs to start with, in the hope at least 1 of them will post it. So we can then use that post as the reference to try to get another blog to publish a post as well, again trying by contacting several blogs at the same time.

As you can imagine this is a slow process with at first a lot of anxiety and often frustration, which is why this is the only package you cannot order online. You will have to wait for us to let you know when we think we're ready to give it the first try; usually it takes about 2-3 months of blog commenting to get to that point.

We will write a new post for you, which is like an extra long, extra refined article. The quality of the post itself is absolutely crucial. Obviously that means that we really need to find those very few extremely valuable blogs for your topic, as that is of course the point; we're talking about the very best blog in your niche market. At least that's the goal, as long we manage to get started with a few medium blogs, we're on our way.

It's a matter of long term thinking; building up a reputation as an author in your field of expertise will take time, but once you got there it's there to stay.

What we do as a seo company for you is to build up the profiles first, start with blog commenting as a foundation, to then slowly start adding guest blog posts in medium blogs to build up enough references to climb up.

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