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Easy Blog Commenting - Blogger-Blogspot Comment Posting Links

We have been doing quality blog commenting at affordable rates since 2004.


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   Easy Comment Posting - Blogger-Blogspot Links    10 blogger-blogspot nofollow links PR(2-3)-4-5-6-(7) $40 USD 26 GBP

Blogger and Blogspot are the same site, run by Google. Once we have set up a new Google account for your site, it already includes the Bloger-Blogspot account. It by default linked with any Google account. So, obviously the very first thing we need to do is to fill up the account. The basic steps, like creating your own subdomain on blogger-blogspot is already included in the public profile package, and the premium package also includes an 'about-us' page.

First you need to take our 'easy' blog post package; 1 about us page - $25, and 5 blog posts - 5 x $35 = $200, so that you have at least some content in your own blogger-blogspot account. While you get links from those posts of course.

So far, so good, but it's always the same story; content is great, but then again it only has real seo value as long it also gets links.

So that's why we offer these 'easy' blogger-blogspot links; to boost your already existing Google account; blogger-blogspot content, Google Plus profile, GooglePlus posts/shares and so on. And why we simply have no other choice but to ignore the fact that all links but a few rare exceptions are nofollow in blogger-blogspot.

Which by itself is not good, but then again; it's just so obvious that Google is largely ignoring their own nofollow tag when it comes down to blogger, blogspot, simply because it theirs.

This while all links always being nofollow has 1 very big advantage; we don't have to research and select the few % of dofollow blogs, as there are none anyway. That saves a lot in work, time and effort. On top of that is the submission process pretty much flawless. This makes it so much easier for us, that it is significant;ly cheaper for you. And that's why we offer it; it's only cheaper because Google is making it so easy, not because we're sacrifycing quality or cutting corners; Google is for once helping us, just because it's their own platform.

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