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Dofollow Blog Research Service

We already have a very good list of dofollow blogs that we have been using successfully for other clients. And we're always able to find enough related pages from that list to get started with smaller campaigns.

But for larger campaigns its really worthwhile to boost up the average quality upfront. And of course, once you've been ordering blog commenting for a few months, we exhausted the very best options already. So that's why we also offer an 'extra' dofollow blog research package.

So lets start with the type of research we'll do to start with any blog commenting package you might order, the standard reasearch. Then we'll explain what it is we do extra with the 'extra' dofollow blog research package.

Standard Dofollow Blog Research

We have an excel file with more than 3.000 dofollow blogs with dozens of columns to classify the blogs.

By sorting them by our internal topic-category and keyword-category columns; we instantly have a list of 30-50-100 blogs we can start reviewing for you. Not all of them will suit you, but to filter out 20-30 really good blogs for you to do 5-10 comments in each gives us a list that’s long enough to get started with, while still enough variation for you to keep your link profile mixed.

What we do then is crucial to the quality; we research within the blogs we already have for pages specific for your keywords, so although we didn't research for the blog, we got that one already, we still search within those blogs for those pages that are best for you according your keywords.

Many times we can't use the keywords in the link itself, they only accept a name, but as long your keywords are on the page, in the url, in the title, in the headers, in other comments, of course in your own comments, in links pointing to the site, in the category this page belongs and so; it will improve the rankings for the keywords used on that page.

Something we always do is to leave at least 2-3 comments in the same blog at the same time, because we know from experience that it makes our comments stand out, look more natural and the comments from drive-by-spammers and so we significantly increase are approval ratio, allowing us to keep using those blogs where other services fail.

Once we have enough blog to put a list together with 20% more URLs than the amount of comments you ordered that week, we can start writing the comments, and about 24h to 48 later your comments will be done.

Although there's the anooying wait and see character of comments, some might get published instantly, most will take at least a few days, up to 2-3 weeks, some can still be approved months after we submitted them. Some might only get approved when we submitted them a second time.

So we have no other option but to review which comments have been approved with at least 2 weeks delay. From experince we know that as long we start with 20% more URLs for the writers we manage to get the amount of links you paid us for; the 20% we lose is the quality margin, without it we wouldn't be able to maintain the quality levels we have set for ourselves.

Extra Dofollow Blog Research

Since most blog's have the rel=nofollow tag on the comment links, which in theory means that Google will not follow the link, but in reality means that Google will simply devaluate, but still count it, still it simply doesn't make any sense to just comment in any blog you might find related to your site, as most of them will be tagged as nofollow and so lose most of their value, so finding those very few that have dofollow links is key to your success.

This package will give a significant boost in the average quality of the list of blogs we'll be using for your site. There will be more blogs specific for your niche, we will have more blogs with the same country IP as your site, we'll have more HIGH PR pages, and more blogs that allow anchor text links; each and every one of them much more related to your keywords as what we're able to get from our existing list.

The first thing we always do is to search for blog pages that are related to your keywords/topic/market. Be it that only 0.2% of the blogs are as well of genuine quality, as willing to give you direct dofollow links. By researching 10.000 of the blogs in your niche market, we'll find 200-300 that are potentially good blogs for you according the external factors, factors we can easily measure using tools. But then the only way to pick out those blogs that are really the right ones for you is by doing it manually. Manually meaning we open the blog and look around, see what type of links other comments are getting, average length of the comments and so on. Then we do 2 test comments in the top 10, resulting in already 20 comments done. But then it’s ‘wait and see’ which blogs actually approve the comments.

As long we find 2-3 extremely good blogs, then another 5-10 really good blogs, and 20-30 not really that powerful, but still healthy and related blogs, we're set;
  • We can do 20-30 comments in the few extremely good ones, already giving up to 50 comments
  • then 5-10 comments in the 5-10 really good blogs, another 50 links
  • and then doing just 2-3 comments in the medium good ones gives another 50 links

  • All the blog, and especially the pages we'll be using are specific for your niche market, your keywords only.

    Obviously we're looking for those blogs that are really related to your niche and keywords, have real seo value and so direct dofollow links, but most of the blogs we'll find have some of the requirements but not all of them, those blogs we can still use, maybe just for a few comments, while the better blogs we can use for many months to come.

    Your site does need links from as many different IP's as possible. So while we're collecting those blogs that are so powerful for your site that they'll be the ones really pushing your rankings up, the list of blogs we find that have at least some good points also gets significantly longer, so we also have enough extra blogs to keep using different ones in the many packages to follow.

    Another important part of the research is aimed at finding blogs, as always related to your site and holding genuine seo value, with profiles. Blogs that require registration or one of the public profiles, like Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter to login.

    Point being; as long they also allow a biography text and links on the profile pages, then those are extra valuable accounts, as each time we make a comment the profile page, with your 100% related text on it and most important links on them, including links to your social profiles - will become stronger and stronger. This is nothing new, but most people are not ware of it; its better to have 10 comment links pointing to your blog profile and then get your links from there, then 10 direct links, which is exactly what you get from the blog profiles. Of course we research and test them to make sure that the blog is a genuine quality blog, we're not doing any of this in spammed to hell blogs for example; that's what the research is all about; finding those very few, yet extremely valuable blogs for your site, for your niche market, for your keywords.

    So, as mentioned above; while for most topics and sites we already have enough quality blogs in our list to find good pages for just about any topic, after a few months the list will wear out as well, and then the research will also be needed.

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