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Blog Commenting Prices - Affordable Quality

We have been doing quality blog commenting at affordable rates since 2004.

We have 3 different teams of well trained professionals; one team for the dofollow research, one team of native English blog commenterís, and a totally different team for the technical part of the actual comment postings.

We're a link building production line!

We offer our blog commenting service in convenient monthly SEO packages;

THE PRICES BELOW ARE FOR LINKS, not just the comments; LINKS!


PACKAGE description



   Premium Blog Commenting - High_PR Links    10 natural LINKS - PR(3)-4-5-(6) $100 USD £60 GBP
   Premium Blog Commenting - Anchor-Text Links    10 natural LINKS - PR(1-2)-3-4-(5) $100 USD £60 GBP
   Healthy Mix of Natural Quality Blog Commenting Links    10 natural LINKS - PR(1)-2-3-4-5-(6) $70 USD £40 GBP
   Easy Comment Posting - Blogger-Blogspot Links    10 blogger-blogspot nofollow links PR(2-3)-4-5-6-(7) $40 USD £26 GBP

Before you can order any blog commenting, you need to order the public profile package first.

Once we have all the details that comes with the public profile package, which includes your Google Plus account as more and more blogs will now accept it as a login, we then have all the details needed for the blog commenting, which is why the order form below is so short. But the public profile package is mandatory; you can blame Google for this!

We're asking for your own, personal, direct contact details so we can send you copies of the files we use to keep you updated.

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The power of the blogs is their genuine character. Millions of people all over the world have been using blog platforms to build genuine sites. We search for the leading blogs in your niche market that are interested to trade links for content, because that's what it comes down to. We'll write content for the blogs, and in return you'll get links from those blogs.

We don't have to use tricks or short cuts to find high quality links for you, because genuine high quality blogs actually exist.

Of course it depends on our commitment to quality as well, but if it wasn't for the blogs existing it wouldn't matter how hard we try. For example, to get blog posts published on high quality blogs is so hard that it becomes rather expensive. So, although in theory we can get better links from doing guest blog posts, in reality there are so many extra costs at a high risk,that for the same money you get more SEO value from blog commenting.

We can add guest blog posts later, once we already have a couple of good blogs to start with from the blog commenting list. This is another great advantage of blog commenting, it's the stepping stone to high quality guest blog posts.

In other words, there's almost no other option but to do blog commenting. Compared with any and all other link building tactics blog commenting has the highest ROI. Blog commenting gives consistent good quality links and it's affordable enough to get large numbers, more so than any other link building tactic! Thatís just how it is.

There can only be 1 link building tactic that's better than the other ones, and it's blog commenting. Only one SEO company can offer 'the very best blog commenting service in the world' and that's Luminous SEO Company.

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