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How our native English Commenters Work

We only hire native English writers.

We have 1 person putting the lists with URLs together, then the writer and then the person who will submit the comment into the blog, in other words; the writers have nothing else to do but write.

They don’t post the comments themselves; they write it into a word document, spell check and then copy/paste it into our excel worksheet, when they’re done they send it back to the office and we then process it. We do this mostly to free the writers from technical issues some of the blogs might have. And as an extra advantage we don’t lose the comments if something goes wrong with the blog while submitting. When comments are not approved within 2 weeks we’ll submit them again, as strangely enough the amount of comments getting approved the second time around is surprisingly high.

This also allows the writers to work from home, which a whole lot of people love to do. So whenever I place a classified for this type of work we get such a huge reply that we can be very, very demanding. We don’t hire low level, cheap writers. All our writers are well trained professionals with at least a college degree.

To cope with the huge amount of applications, we actually use the selecting process to train them and we have them do several batches of blog comments, each time increasing the difficulty level, until we only have a handful of them left; the very best ones, and already trained.

The very first thing the writers always have to do when they open a new work file to start an order is to open the site we’re working for and take a good look around, and for the commenters in specific; read some of the pages to make sure they know what they’re talk about while writing your comments. If ordering the public profile package the client will provide bios which we will use as background for writing the comments.

Now more practical about the writing; not every page we find to post comments on has the same value; of course they're always related as that the primary requirement to get value from a link, but the next 2 parameters are the PR of the page and the other outgoing links. For the outgoing links it's rather easy; we never post on pages with more than 30 comments. And of course we always look for the highest PR. But we're depending of course on whatever is available.

Anyway, we're in comes down to is that the higher the PR is the more time we'll spend on writing the comment. To give examples in 2 extremes;
  • When we find a page with PR5-6 we spend more than 1 hour on the comment; we do a lot of additional research to make sure we actually have some really interesting to add to the conversation that's going on the blog; after all we really want to get that comment approved; PR5-6 links are not only very valuable; they're also very, very hard to find. So we really don't want that to go to waste.
  • While we also might find PR2 pages, obviously less value to your site, so we spend less time for each blog commenting, this so we can write a lot more comments for you note we only post on those PR1-2 pages as long the blog as w hole is 100% related to your site and they have almost no comments and allow anchor text links that's when they're actually worth it to post comments on them.

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