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How to do Blog Commenting Writing

Of course we don’t do crappy comments like; “thanks for the article, I found it interesting for my reading” or something silly alike. We spend a lot of time in researching the blogs we’ll be using, we select only the genuine blogs, the blogs that only approve genuine comments, and we sell the package per 10-20-50 links, not comments. Let me emphasize that; you only pay us for the comments that are approved, so the links are live. So whenever we write a comment that doesn’t get approved we lose the time and effort it took to research, write and submit.

Of course we could do what other companies do and only use low value, somewhat crappy blogs to get the comments approved easily, because that’s what you end up with if you don’t want to take any risks. We do take risk by selecting the blogs where most other commenting services would fail, so inevitable the quality of the actual comments is really important to succeed.

Which is why besides reading your site to start with, our writers will read the full article, the other comments, if needed to some extra research and come up with a comment that is genuine, long in words, still to the point, not-promotional, respectful, accurate, interesting and last but least; carrying your keywords.

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