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Posting Blog Comments Service

We have a team for the writing and a separated team for posting the comments in the blogs.

Although wordpress is the most used blog, there are so many different types of plugins and settings that itís quite complex to submit the comments as required by each specific blog. Some require registration, confirmation, filling in the profile and then we often have to wait to get manual reviewed and be reviewed. To ensure our changes we already submit a few comments as well. The good news is that in return often we then get Ďexpertí status and from then on comments are being approved and published instantly. Thatís something that keeps coming back in all the elements of our way of link building; at first it takes a lot of extra little steps to get started, but once we got it going the results are really great.

By having the writers put their comments into an excel sheet and have another person do the technical part of submitting the comment, we also have copies of each and every comment, which has several advantages;
  • You can read all the comments in 1 file
  • We can resubmit the comments in case the blogs might have some temporarily technical problem, which happens quite often; we donít lose comments due to technicalities.
  • Whenever Ďonlyí 3 of the 5 comments we submitted are approved we can compare to see why, often itís not the comment itself but the author of the article we commented on that makes the difference; we then know that for the next batch of comments.
  • By resubmitting consistently each comment that hasnít been approved within 2 weeks, we do try twice before giving up on a blog. As weíre constantly adding new blogs to the list, to try 2-3 comments that for some mysterious reason donít get approved costs us time and so money; by submitting twice, quite often we do manage to get in the second time around, not wasting the time and money. But if it doesnít work the second time around, then so be it and we move; we tried; twice in fact.

  • And when we donít get in, even after submitting twice, we know for sure that the blog was just a miser, nothing to do about it, we move on, while you donít have to worry about it; you only pay for the approve links, it up to us to get it done within margins.

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