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Blog Services for SEO | Affordable Quality

The term ‘blog’ stands for web-log, which is simply an online journal. Market leader ‘Wordpress’ was developed by web developers for web developers … and it’s very well done! Wordpress is very convenient, easy to set up, even easier to maintain, and offers lots of options, plugins, widgets and themes all of which is quite impressive. There are other platforms offering the same options where it’s possible to post comments and get links in return, but at least 80-90% of the blogs we use are actually Wordpress blogs.

Compared to regular sites blogs tend to receive a much higher PR very quickly. There are plenty of reasons why this is so;
  • They have automated features like RSS and ping's, which gives new posts instant distribution and creates links.
  • They have a trackback system - sort of an automated link-exchange system.
  • There are plenty of plugins that maintain the internal link structure automated, like related post links.
  • Blog's are inter-active as people can post comments, which make the pages longer.
  • Blog's offer frequently updated new, fresh content, and the search engines love it!.
    • It's actually possible to set up Windows Words with a Wordpress blog, in such a way that you write the new blog posts in Windows Words and publish it directly into your Wordpress blog without having to log-in. It’s very easy and the reason why so many bloggers regularly write new posts for their blogs.

We can get you genuine high quality blog links because real, genuine, high quality blogs exist.

There is a lot of work that goes into building customized lists of quality blogs that are related to your keywords and that have an average high-PR on the pages. There is the research and then the testing, as the comments we write and submit need to be approved and published. Each step we need to maintain quality requirements for ourselves to be able to succeed in getting the comments and if it fails starting all over again, . We write all the comments and posts 1 by 1 and this is exactly what we have been doing since 2004!

Blog Commenting Service

Leaving a comment in a blog can have a big impact –new, interesting content being added to the pages regularly makes them much longer, which is one reason why they tend to gather a much higher PR then a regular web page. Adding comments to DoFollow blog’s are just as good for you as they are for the blog owner - everybody gains.
  • Dofollow Blog Research
  • We will research thousands of blogs and then review them to ensure they are indeed relevant and that the links are direct, one-way DoFollow links from high PR pages.
  • Blog Commenters
  • We only hire native English professionals to write your posts and comments.
  • Blog Comment Writing
  • The very first thing our blog commenters do is open your website and read a few pages, this gives them the feel of the site. Then they read the blog post itself and any other comments, and if necessary will carry out some research before they write a comment.
  • Blog Comment Posting
  • Even within Wordpress there are so many options, and submitting the comments has lots of technical variations and issues. We have a team of well-trained submitters dedicated to this task alone.

Blog Commenting Prices

First you need to take the public profiles package as this will give us all the information required to set up blog profiles. The best option is the mixed blog commenting links package at $75 per 10 links per week as this will slowly but surely see your site gain real seo value and it won’t be long before your ranking rises without breaking the bank.

High quality blogs exist and our comments are also of a high standard, this is how we manage to get links from blogs where other seo-services fail. We have such a belief in our own skills that we set our prices according to the number of links obtained and not by the number of comments we post – thus you only pay for the links! Usually we have to write and submit up to 30-35 comments to get 25 links, doing this is one of the main reasons why we manage to have such a high quality as we are not afraid to take risks. And because we are so good at what we do we are the ones who will lose out if we should fail as you only pay for the links!

  • Premium Commenting Links - high-PR
  • Premium Commenting Links - anchor-text
  • We include these simply to explain that these extraordinary high quality links are also part of the mixed blog commenting package.

  • Mixed Comment Links
  • It is possible to get high quality links without cheating in any way. We achieve this with our mixed blog commenting package because those blogs offer all kinds of different options. We pick the very best blogs for you and no matter what the option is we will give it a try.

    We have been doing it this way for so long that we're not afraid to give a price based on the amount of links you will get out of it and not the amount of comments we need to do.

    Which is how we defeat other SEO companies; they don't take the risk and keep using the same crappy ones; those that might look good at first glance but for example already have way too many other comments on the pages. and similar issues that render the pages worthless, like other comments being spam comments and so on.

    The mixed blog commenting package also includes the higher premium links but is also about the different types of links you get. It's a broad mix of high quality links from related pages.

  • Easy Comment Links

  • Since Google is giving their own blogger-blogspot system significant advantages it makes sense to use it, to do these types of links is rather easy for us and why it's only $50 for 10 blogger-blogspot links.

Order Blog Commenting

The public profile package is mandatory, without a set of public profiles Google might assume that the website is a fraud. It's called 'authorship' and it has to do with associations and signals, which are just other words for links.

How to get all that? With the public profile package!

The cheapest public profiles package is just $175 for the full set with limited text for the biographies, whilst pay a little more at $250 and you get the same but with a lot more biography texts and company introductions. The profiles are 100% unique and 100% related to your keywords which make the links of these profile pages extra valuable – and the public profiles are your safeguards against Penguin. Once this is completed you can order the blog commenting monthly and we implement them weekly. For just $300 per month we'll do 10 mixed blog commenting links per week.

Guest Blog Posts

We have 2 options here, we can either choose to play safe and use blogger-blogspot, or try to get approved by the biggest players in your niche market, but that's so tricky it only make sense to try it after we already posted a lot of comments.

Those blogs with a profile are sometimes given an option to submit guest blog posts directly, without sending emails. As always it will still be reviewed by a human, as we only use quality blogs and manually reviewing posts before publishing them is part of what makes a blog a genuine quality blog.

Once we have some comments published we can use them as a reference and try to get posts published in the most powerful blogs related to your topic. The very best blogs are those that are very hard to get into, so before we even try that we need to build up our credibility first ... with a set of public profiles, some blogger-blogspot posts and a lot of blog commenting.

Blogger-Blogspot Posts

Since Google is making it so easy to do blogger-blogspot posts we can keep our prices low at $195 for a set of 5 blog posts, around 450-500 words, and submissions included.

It’s necessary to set up the public profiles first, including twitter, as blogger-blogspot will send an automated twitter whenever we publish new blogger-blogspot posts, which is part of the public profiles package and 1 more reason why it's mandatory.

High-End Guest Blog Posts

High quality blog posts are something you can only do after a few months as we need time to build up your online profile first, otherwise we just keep running into rejections. This means that we only offer the blogger-blogspot option online, for guest blog posts you'll just have to wait for us to pick them up 1 by 1 as we're working on your blog commenting. that's just how it is; blame the spammers, they ruined it for all of us.

This is the first step to building up your online profile as an author and working towards eventually upgrading to the high quality blog posts, these are of course a lot more expensive with a high end blog post costing $125 each!

Before you can order any blog service, you need to order the public profile package first.

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