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Michiel Van Kets

"What can you expect from our Article Service?"

The quality of the article is the key factor in the success of a submission campaign.

This is why we employ only professional expert, native English writers.

Article Submissions are a way to build up a reputation and expert status on your subject, but most importantly it is a way to build up more links to your site.

We, at Manual Submissions, are specialized in building high quantity links. What makes our service different than from most other submission services is our dedication to quality and service.

We take this very seriously; we don’t just take your info and submit it, we studied all the details and assure that the submissions are done accurate.

We researched the directories very thoroughly;
  • We researched over 1500 directories to guarantee that they give free, one-way, do-follow links from pages that are indexed in Google.
  • We know how directories work, the guidelines that need to be met, and what it takes to get your article approved.
  • We also believe that the approval rate of the submissions is very important. Article submissions are generally approved as long as it is an original and decent written article submitted according to the guidelines. We take the utmost care while submitting to guarantee the highest approval rate possible.

STAGE 1: Ordering the Article Writing and Submissions Service

When you order an article from us, we will need some data to work with.
We generally ask you to fill in different keywords and topics to make the writing of articles easier. It is possible to give a title of the article, key elements that it should be about and keywords that should be included.

If these elements are not given, we will write an article with any topic related to your website and include the keywords that you are optimizing for.

The title (if given) should not be longer than 70 characters. This is because later on in the process, we will have to deal with the article directories and their specific guidelines.
Example titles of articles that we have written are:

“Home & Small Business Computer Repairs - 8 Tips for Emergencies”
“Extreme Home Improvement Tips: Hardwood Floor Installation.”
”Wedding Entertainment Ideas: 5 Reasons to Have a Magician at Your Wedding”
“How to Compare Mortgage Quotes between Online and Local Brokers.”

The most popular article reads are usually lists, tips, top 10’s and ‘how-to’ articles.

In here you will be able to enter a few elements that should be included in the article. You are the expert on your subject. We do our research for the writing of an article, but it would help us if you could give us some extra elements or explain an angle into the article. If nothing is entered here, we will take the information from our own research on the topic.

These are the keywords that you are optimizing your site for. If we are aware of the keywords, we will include them into the article. Later on, when we are going to submit it into article directories, we will use these words as an anchor text of the link pointing to your site.

STAGE 2: Writing the article.

As with all our services, we take it seriously and try to give you the best quality possible, also with our articles.
We have currently two writers working with us; very talented, native English (UK), experienced professionals.
One is fully booked already by a single top ranking site to write content pages.
The other one is available for our article writing service.

The writing of an interesting, original article that is correct in information as well as writing techniques, takes time. We can produce about 10 articles a week without changing the standard of our quality. And we work with a “first ordered – first served” system. This means that at some times it might take several days before your article was written.

The first article that we write is a content article for you to put on your website as an extra content page.
It is an article, but different in style and structure than the article that will be used for submissions. We will send you this article (700-800 words) when it is completed.

STAGE 3: Re-writing the article.

The article for submissions is a little bit shorter and different in structure. Because this article will not be posted on your website, we will edit it to refer to your company/website. Mind that the article is never an advertisement! We cannot mention the company or website in the article. But we will be able to make a reference without using the name and then add text links to you company.

There are two different packages on the re-writes.
  • We do a re-write into an article for submissions for no extra costs. This is not a complete re-write, but we will make adjustments to the content page to turn it into an article. We will structure it in a way that it can be read separate from your website.
  • In order to make the article submissions more interesting and get more value out of it, we can also make 5 re-writes and create 5 different articles. We do this because 200 submissions of the same article have a big chance to be seen as duplicate content and be ignored by Google. In the 5 re-writes, the content is the same. We just rephrase it to make them look original to the SE’s, for example; “the kid walks to shop” will be rephrased to; “the child goes to the store”. In the end, we will have 5 similar articles as read by humans, but unique to the search engines.

  • STAGE 4: preparing the articles for submissions

    After we have edited the article, we will prepare it for submissions. Every article directory is different and has different guidelines. We take utmost care to submit the article according to all guidelines and therefore we take time to prepare it.

    We will write a little introduction to the article.

    We will add links to the article where possible. Some article directories allow us to add two links in the body of the article, but not every directory. We will need the keywords and URLs from you, to add links that will give you the best value. We use your keywords as anchor text of the links (where possible) and point it to a URL given by you.

    We also write a little biography on the author. It is in the biography where we will be able to place the links pointing to your site.
    A typical biography looks like this:
    “Michiel Van Kets is an industrial designer and developer, who have specialized himself the last few years in marketing and web sites. Michiel owns and runs Through this site, he provides Search Engine Optimization services as Manual Directory Submissions.

    We need you to supply us with the information, keywords and URLs to create this biography.

    Then we will prepare the article in different styles. Some submissions need to be done in HTML and some directories do not allow HTML tags in the article. And some directories allow text links in the body, while others only allow URL links. We prepare the article according to three different rules to make submissions easier.

    After we have prepared the article for submissions, we will send this again to you for confirmation. Here it is your responsibility to check if the anchor texts and URLs of the links are according to your strategies.

    You then confirm the data or make adjustments to the file and return it to us for submissions.

    STAGE 5: Submitting the article

    We will then submit the article to the directories. We do a minimum of 50 submissions and the maximum is 200 article directories. After researching over 1500 article directories, we found that the majority of the directories are not worth submitting to. We checked the value of the link that will be pointing to your site and most directories are so ill-structured that the pages with the articles do not even get indexed in Google. In the 200 directories that we kept, we have two categories of directories: The first 100 directories are simply the best ones. We didn’t select them just based on the homepage PR, but on the amount of articles in the directory that get good PR. The next 100 directories were selected on the profiles of the author. These directories a little younger, but do have a nice PR. They are not as over-populated as the first 100 directories and it is easier for us to rise into top positions under ‘most viewed’ and ‘most popular’.

    We submit all articles to our accounts in the directories. We do this for various reasons.
  • First of all it would take to much time to create a new account for each client. It is not impossible, but we will have to charge extra for it and have an email account from the client that we can access.
  • Secondly, there is not much point in creating an account for a single article. There is more value in an existing account with numerous articles in it. The profile page of each account will gain more PR as there are more articles linking to this profile. And this also means that all articles are interlinked through the profile page and help other articles gain more PR.
  • Furthermore, a profile is more likely to rise under ‘most viewed’ and ‘most popular’, when there are more articles in it. Profiles with top positions are usually mentioned on the index page and will receive more PR again.
  • And last, we regularly link our profiles from Social Bookmarking sites to get more popular, more reads and more PR.

  • After completing the submissions, we will send you a report with the directories that we submitted to.

    Article submissions are similar to the manual directories submissions, in that the links are high in quantity, easy and fast to get, but low in quality. However, in some cases it is possible to gain high PR on the article page, especially when the page is aging.

    Article submissions are about getting links fast and easy. If you have a high PR link or the article is syndicated, it is a bonus. However, even without the high PR’s and extra links from syndicated articles, it is still totally worth it. As you’ll get a fresh content page on your site to start with and hundreds of links to your site; as well for the homepage as to sub-pages ... while you will get plenty of syndicated articles of course.

    Our price for article writing :: 2 versions :: $50
    • 1) a longer version of the article: 600-800 words, to publish on your site.
    • 2) a shorter version of the article: 400-600 words, for the submissions.

    The prices for article submissions :

    It just takes 2 easy steps to get started.
    • Step 1 :: Submit Your Information
    • Step 2 :: Confirm with Payment

    Let me repeat this; article submissions will help you to get better rankings in the search engines results pages, but it's just 1 of the many ways to get links.

    When it comes to link building you shouldn't ask yourself which links are the top ones; they all have their benefits and short comings, 1 thing they do have in common is that you need them. So, don't just site and wait for the links to come in, also utilize other strategies to get links.

    These link building services are also available;
    The on-page issues can be made by our team or your own web development and on-page seo experts. And based on an extensive keyword ranking report, I am able to create a link building plan for the upcoming 3 to 6 months. We do require some basic info like a name and an email from your web site, but as soon as we have the essential details we can do everything a 100% for you. That’s how we are structured; we constantly go the extra mile, so you can sit back and watch your keywords going up in the rankings.

    To ask for a seo quote is free of course.


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