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Michiel Van Kets

Article Services - Writing and Submissions - Native English Writers only!

Article Writing Service and Article Submissions Service for SEO

Article Accounts - Set-up

As all the packages to set up accounts, you need to take the public profiles package first, as that seo package includes the 1 time technical requirements, which we also need for the article accounts. What we do extra for your article account profiles is to create a new fresh set of biographies, be it based on the information from the public profiles, and we insert your top 5-10-20-50 keywords/URLs, that is of course as long you already have a keyword ranking report.

Once we have all the snippets of information we'll need to be able to fill in all fields those article directories ask for, we register in at least 60 to 80 article directories, this because it takes time to have somebody review newly set up article accounts and publish the first articles. So from in the beginning we do more than just 50 accounts.

The process itself might seem straight forward enough; register, confirm link in email, login, fill in profile details, submit first article. But in reality it's only because we have been doing this for so long that we're able to do this as well successful as efficient; it's tricky. There really are many obstacles that slows down the process and to get 50 article accounts, not just set up, but also being activated, which means the first article has been published takes us more then just 1 run. Which means that to we need at least 2 articles to be used as part of the article account set up process.

Important to understand is that article directories which are easy to get your first article published in are the bad article directories. The good article directories will review your account and your first article before publishing it, which takes time; we'll be in the queue for a little while, some react rather fast, many take at least a few weeks.

Once we feel we did everything we can to complete the full circle of creating an account and using, yet they still didn't review the article; we will contact them and simply ask them politely to have a look at the account, which tells them we're real human beings spending time to do a quality job, which means we're the type of writers they want, which means we do get a really good response from that. That's then our final step and then we're ready to write and submit a lot more articles.

Article Accounts - Maintenance

When we submit a new article we have to wait for the article reviewers to approve and publish the article. So from time to time we need to go over the list to verify that the articles are at least being reviewed. From experience we have learned that filling in the contact form to ask them for an update is very effective to get the attention from the directory owners and have the articles reviewed and so published.

We will visit each and every of your accounts to verify login, submissions, approvals and expert author status. Which means that in the end report you get from this you will know exactly how many articles you have live in which article directories. while of course the most important reason why we need to do a maintenace from time to time is because right after that you'll get even more of the pending articles to be reviewed and publicated.

Article Accounts - bio spin

It does take at least 5-10 articles to gain enough seo value on the profile page itself. this while we need to start with at least5 70-80 article directories to be able to find at least 35-50 article accounts that are indeed publishing your articles. Once we achieved that it's worth the effort to give each of those 35-50 author pages a new, unique bio, especially because about half of them allow a lot of text with a lot of links in them. Once that's done the effect of it will show in the ranking very7 obviously; all keywords used in the update of the article author biographies will get a remarkable boost from it.

we start off with writing a 1.500 words biography, which is already 5 times longer then the average length we can use for the author biographies. As we already know what we're going to do next, the first 1.500 words draft is desitgned to be easily multiplied. So we end up with about 4.500 words. Those have been writtehn in smaller paragrphs, so we can then combnine them in the actual biographies and we do that is such a way that we truly end up with 50 biographies that are 70-80% unique to each other. as in; exatly how it would look if somebody were to write 50 biographies 1 by 1.

The main reason why we're abl;e to deliver 50 unique texts is because we do about 1/3 of the work it would take to do them 1 by 1; as in; for you save 2/3 of the costs is already significant, while we do put a lot of work into it to be able to deliver you the right quality ... at 1/3 of the price.

Article Accounts - update

Well, pretty much the same as the maintenace, except that we mostly focus on collecting the data so we know what's up, and sure enough while we're at it we do fix some of the issues, but it's limited. It's a status update, with some little extra's, but it mostly about you getting a nice report on what has been going on with your article accounts since the last update/maintenance.

This is not the type of package that will give a lot of extra value ot your results, it's more about the report than anything else. When you for example didn't use the article accounts for a while, then we would of course have to do an update to make sure the list is fresh and up to date before submitting more articles again.

Article Writing and Submissions

Obviously this is the main package. As long you have your keywords and URLs ready or ordered a keyword rankings report, and of course have also ordered the article accounts set up; we do everything for you! This is an 100%, all includeed package.

First of all the keywords and URLs to be used for the article goes to the writer, who will start with reading your pages and do some research to come up wqith additional, interested, factually correct informatuion. Then the articles is being written according the ruiles of the art; with a beginning, a middle and an end. then the most important part of writinga quality article; the writer will wait 24 hours before the last edit. Then you will get a copy.

If there are small little technicalities that might need a little edit, then its very much appriciated if you would do that and send us the article back. While if there are more serious problem,s we wi8ll do a full edit of course. If there might be some really serious issue, we start over and give you a totally new article.

Then we get to the preparations. First of all we write you 1 extra long biography for tyhat article. We then have to make shorter versions of it and while doing so we put some extra variation in it to end up with 10 more or less different bios. then we insert the links in to them; we need to replace the keyword with the html code of an anhcor text link. We use 5 URL's and keywords, which we mix up in such a way that link #1 really gets as well most of the links as the best placement, so that would obviously be for the top keyword of alanding page, while Link #2 & #3 are for the support pages and for link #4 & #5 I recommend we use any other page of the siote that never, ever gotten any links yet.

we also need to prepare the article in a few different versions to meet all technical requirements and then we're set and we'll start submitting the article to your set of article accounts. When this is done we send you the fulol file with all details in there.

Monthly Article Package

Simple: we do 1 article every week, and in between i will do myself the necessary checks to make sure we maiantain quality at all times, which means that with a monthly packaghe you don't need to take any maintenance package; its already included.

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