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Michiel Van Kets

Luminous SEO Company

Established in Phuket, Thailand since 2004, Luminous offers monthly link building packages. Specialists in affordable quality, we outrank fancy expensive and cheap crap in any market again, again, and again.

We actually do the dofollow research needed and manually verify the genuine character of the sites we will use for you. We employ native English writers only, and I actually understand SEO as an engineer, our technical staff has been training for a decade, and simply because we are located in a country where the cost of living is low we offer very competitive prices without compromising the quality.

  • 1 SEO engineer, with 2 assistants
  • 2 SEO researchers with 1 assistant
  • 3 native English on-page content writers
  • 5 native English off-page content writers
  • 3 technical submitters
  • and of course full time customer service

Affordable Quality Link Building as a SEO TACTIC

The key to success in SEO is ordering from the right SEO company; affordable quality is not just a sales pitch; it's how we'll beat the SEO company your competition is ordered from!

Consistent genuine quality thanks to our years of experience, while doing so from a low cost country; no tricks needed; just a team of honest professionals doing a lot of genuine work for you.

There's no secret to it, all that makes us different is that I knew that Google would figure it out sooner or later, it was last year April when they finally did. Which means that for 8 years we have been able to get ready, and we are; VERIFIABLE PROOF: Post penguin SEO: 2 case studies done in between November 2012 and April 2013.

What has been true since 2004 is still so today; when your order from Luminous SEO Company your rankings will go up consistently, we confirm it every day.

When Einstein was asked how he found his famous formula, he answered very down to earth: "10% inspiration, 90% perspiration".

For Link Building the 10% inspiration is the Keyword Ranking Report! The link building packages are the 90% perspiration, which we can do entirely for you with convenient monthly payments and reporting.

Convenient Monthly Link Building Packages

Social Media Services

Social bookmarking has been around for a long time but has always had the same problem - because there are so many real social signals, in order to get enough out of it you really have to do vast amounts of it, which is largely what Penguin was all about - punishing such behavior.

But at the same time Google has been working on what they call 'authorship'. To make a long story short, you need to set up a Google Plus account and link from your site to the account, then link from that profile back to your site under 'contributor to'. That way Google 'knows' who you are. But it's still a mathematical logarithm, so we need to expand on it, as Google does. That's what the whole public profile package is all about and why it is mandatory.

In order to be able to set up 25 public profiles in all of the biggest social media sites, we need a whole lot of little snippets of information about the person who's representing your company online. The first thing we do is to write 5 'personal' biographies and also 5 'company' biographies, and we extend the information you gave us to make it fully fit each of the different sites we'll be using.

Due to Google's new rules, you need to order the public profile package first, its mandatory!

As long you take the public profile package first, we don't have to bother you for anymore details.
  • Step 1: collecting all necessary details, all possible little snippets of information any web site might be asking for in 1 long, extended excel file.
  • Step 2: based on the information you provided us we'll write biographies;
    • 5 personal and 5 company for the basic package
    • 10 personal and 10 company for the premium package and 5 long about-us (your company) pages
  • Step 3: spread those details around in the world 25 most popular sites with social media options
    • registration
    • confirmation
    • activation
    • filling in profiles
    • collecting profile URLs
  • Step 4: connect all those different account so they form a cluster and validate each other.
    • setting up the automated interlinking/connecting/following/sharing options
When that's done we can start using them, meaning you can start ordering the actual link building and we'll be able to process it fast, yet accurate. This while the profiles will give the stamp of authenticity needed to bypass the Panda and Penguin filters.

Once we have set up your public profiles we have all the possible little pieces of data other sites might ask for when registering, and the profiles we are able to get from blogs grow valuable very fast. However, this only works as long as they allow links from the profile pages, which is exactly what we look for when researching your niche market (related); for partners (blogs) to exchange content (comments and posts) for links (dofollow).

Since a lot of people worry about giving out personal details, and since scammers find ways to abuse this personal information, we offer the option to create a 100% fake online representative. This will only work as long as you also link from your site to the Google Plus account. The representative is a fake but we’re not doing anything illegal here, we are just protecting you from scammers. Creating a false persona is common in all kinds of industries, we all know that actors have stage names and it’s acceptable.

It's simply about getting across the message; as long as that fake online personality is not lying to or misleading people I do think the threat of scammers justifies the use of it. Then again, I do recommend using a real name, in fact if possible yours, as once we have done the standard basics and those profiles really start to get traction, and you could then jump in to keep the momentum going. After all, although we're seo-experts it doesn’t mean we are instantly experts in your profession as well - your input is always more than welcome.

Before you can order any blog commenting, you need to order the public profile package first.

Blog Service

Blog Commenting Service

Spamming the hell out of a bunch of blogs is NOT what we do!!

First we do a dofollow research to collect a list of related blogs for your site. We employ native English staff whose role it is to make meaningful blog comments and blog posts. This is really a very efficient way for really high quality link building.

Blogger-Blogspot Service

Google has its own blog platform known as blogger-blogspot. Once we have set up a Google Plus account, that's also your blogger-blogspot account by default. Of course Google favors their own system and so, despite the fact that most links are nofollows, the visible positive results of using blogger-blogspot are undeniable.

Due to Google's new rules, you need to order the public profile package first, its mandatory!

Article Services

Articles are still suffering from the same misunderstanding as always - it's not because you (or the cheap crap service you hired) used the tactic wrong that the tactic is bad.

There's only 1 new disadvantage. Google has been giving more and more value to links from sites that are hosted in the same country as your market, thus less for links from other countries. This has resulted in there being enough US located article directories for articles, but for any other country there are just not enough quality article directories left to do a full package. So whilst for non-USA sites this option is dead, if your site is for the USA market then writing articles the right way still works.

We use only the top 20 article sites, only the best articles, and a lot of variations for the biographies, so we can work in a lot of variation in the links as well! That's how you do it right and that's how we do it.

Article submissions still have many, many advantages;
  • You can link to your homepage AND to sub-pages (deep-links).
  • Your article will be published on a separated page and so the page is 100% related to your site.
  • In most of the article directories your own links are the the only outgoing links.
  • People actually read these articles and will visit your site.
  • And much more ...
We offer both article services; article writing and article submission.

Directory Submission Service

Of course Google knows very well which directory owners take them seriously, they actually review your site and genuinely build a quality directory. When you get a lot of links from those directories your rankings will improve.

We undertake a lot of additional research to ensure we only submit to those directories that are appreciated by Google. Up until 2008 it made sense to submit up to 10.000-15.000 directory submissions, as a few weeks after the submissions the results could be viewed. However, since the Google Panda updates we only have 500 directories left that are worth the effort and can increase your ranking.

This is why we offer small directory packages with a lot of variation as well URLs (your pages) as titles (which are in directories your anchor text links) and at least 25 descriptions.

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